Implementation Practice

Our ERP implementation will be based on the following procedures which is making our implementation effective and professional

1. Understanding the exact requirement and company work flow: It is necessary to have proper defined requirements and have an understanding of the same. Much time should spend to collect the exact requirement and all the major persons should be informed about the implementation.

2. Planning: An important part of implementation is planning and this is one of the ERP implementation best practices. All the works on implementation should be planned professionally.

3. Collecting crucial Business needs:All the details should be collected before starting implementation. This ERP implementation best practice focuses on the operation of the business. Give priority to the crucial requirements.

4. Return on Investment:During all phases of implementation Return on Investment should be kept in mind. Establish a performance measure to track the post implementation performance as the business needs to realize tangible benefits too.

5. Support from Management: All the members of management and other crucial employees should be involved in implementation. They should offer their support in order to reduce conflicts and establish regular reports with the team. The total project should be evaluated and approved by the top management.

Project Management Process: The project should be managed by a project manager and develop a strong control over the project as the ERP implementation best practice. The employees need to be trained and educated as to how to use the software in the best practice. Reviews should be conducted during the implementation.

7. Testing and Data: Testing of data will be done and the scope of the data should be defined:  These are the ERP implementation best practices for a successful system implementation. Without the right planning and strategy, the risks increase and can cause failures. As there are many steps involved and ERP implementation is a complex process, it is wise to follow these best practices for reducing the risk of a failure. Also, the ERP implementation differs from company to company, so it is important to keep the best practices in mind to make you aware while evaluating the implementation process.

Implementaion flow
Click here for ERP implementation work flow

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