P. O. Box: 233356 Dubai, UAE
P. O. Box: 233356 Dubai, UAE

Asset Management


RealSoft Asset Management Software is a powerful Realsuit ERP software which enables you to have complete control over your assets. A powerful software is essential for well fuctioning and growth of a company. If you are planing to move ahead, RealSoft Asset Management Software is the best ERP Software you can think off.

Asset Management is always a huge burden on managers. Implementing an effective IT asset management strategy within the enterprise is important. Organisations have a propensity to hurry into the inventory and software implementation facets of asset management before taking the time to adequately ascertain aims and needs. RealSoft Asset Management Software can help you in every aspects.


• Userfriendly Dashboard

• Custom Shortcut managements

 Coding of Assets and Properties

• Calculation of Depreciation

 Sale and purchase of Assets

 3rd party Ownership

 Assets transferring between locations

 Tracking of Assets

 Approvals and Alerts

 User levels with access restrictions

• Scheduling of Preventive Maintenance

 Allocation of resources for the Maintenance

 Maintenance Check list

 Inventory Management

 Document Management System

 Powerful Masters and Heads

 HR & Payroll Module

 PDC Management

 Custom Report Module

 Online Ticketing and Support Desk

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RealSoft is a complete VAT Compliant ERP for the companies of any size and activity in Dubai, UAE.Our range of business software and services is continually evolving as we constantly innovate. The range includes software to manage your business, run the payroll, plan the business and support your HR function.