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Coral Retail with Realsoft provides the convenience of having multiple program feature sets in a single interface. This saves you money as you won't have to buy all the different packages to perform a family of related tasks. Coral Retail provides end-to-end automation of an organization's sales cycle which comprises quotation processing, order processing to invoicing and delivery with multiple pricing methods, payment terms and delivery schedules. It does support multiple units of measurements and currencies. The program is developed with various level of access control and the best part of it is that the reports can be seen by management or concerned person from anywhere, anytime.

Installation of a powerful POS system will organise the business & gives you the proper reports in understanding the sales & taking corrective actions from time to time. Usage of Coral POS also assures 100% transparency and eliminates any kind of financial errors & mis-management at the sales counters.

Your business becomes more effective and gives you more revenue only when it is organised. Coral POS helps you to manage the business well and thus ensure the long term success.

  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Fast Lookups
  • Complete On-Screen Help
  • Four Security Levels
  • Product Photos
  • Touch-Screen Ready
  • Multi-Register
  • Coral POS
  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Accounts & Inventory