Quality Policy

Serving our customers is the primary consideration at Coral Business Solution.
Dedication to quality in everything we do is our belief & the cornerstone upon which a sound business is built.

• This policy statement underlines the commitment of the Management and work-force towards achieving Quality in all areas resulting in total and consistent customer satisfaction, leadership in all areas of Business and continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

• Employees at all levels in the Organization will be made aware of the Company´s Quality Policy through continuous training.
The design of any product shall fully meet the customer´s quality requirements including functional, aesthetic, reliability and performance characteristics.

• The Company is committed to upgrade and augment, technology, facilities, and product performance to meet changing market scenario.

• The Management and employees are committed to be involved in the planning and effective implementation of quality practices and effective QMS by monitoring quality objectives & Key Performance Indicators.

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