An ERP, popularly known as Enterprise Resource Planning Software, is a tool used by millions of businesses globally to plan their resources & strategies on ROI (Return on investment) basis. It results in maximum production rates and results. An ERP software solution is a software platform with a common database into which data from different business units and departments are imported and integrated. That helps businesses to streamline their entire business activities and improve operational efficiency.

RealSoft3 is a combination of cutting-edge technologies that facilitates empowerment to small, medium, and large enterprises. It allows you to manage your customers using friendly and interactive tools made of highly sophisticated algorithms. RealSoft is the best VAT enabled ERP software in UAE. RealSoft extends its services to various industries ranging from manufacturing to trading, production, real estate, construction, textiles, foodstuff, people management, contracts, accounting, and government works.

RealSoft ERP software Dubai helps you take control of the entire business processes and offers various modules to support you in dealing with the company’s operations (accounting, HR & Payroll, sales & marketing activities, purchases, production, etc.). RealSoft is a combination of futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, APIs, RealSoft3 Algorithm, and integrated business intelligence. Customers can integrate third-party applications to make the best out of RealSoft. RealSoft is an affordable ERP software in Dubai, offering best-in-class support and training facilities to its customers.

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Key Features of ERP Software UAE

An ERP itself is a feature-rich application that replaces the hectic documentation and reporting tasks in businesses and improves its operational excellence through a user-friendly application interface. Being one of the leading ERP software companies in UAE, RealSoft offers the following key features to its customers.

  • Tight integration between all resources of the business and well connected with Business Process Management
  • Scalable Work-flow Management
  • Artificial Intelligence based Business Administration
  • Feature-rich Dashboards with KPIs
  • Real-time Alerts, Triggers, and Reminders
  • Integration with External Applications and APIs
  • Online Authorization through emails or Mobile applications
  • Adaptable Business Process Designing capability
  • Document Management and user-based access privileges
  • Customizable and Programmable Interfaces
  • Easy Installation and Migration of data
  • Faster Deployment of business process
  • International Standards & Concepts
  • Customization Possibilities

These are some of the basic functions of the ERP system. REALSOFT guarantees added benefits of many extended & inbuilt features to its users. We offer a professional and user-friendly ERP software in Dubai, UAE.

Benefits of ERP Solution in UAE

The key benefits of VAT ERP Software are as follows;

  • Easier sales forecasting
  • Chronicle-wise data
  • Easier synchronization across departments
  • A detailed and quick analysis of sales, revenue, receivables, payables, and cash flow
  • Field customization options
  • Fetch Real-time data and reports
  • Easier data analysis and reporting
  • Real-time data tracking and visibility
  • Instantaneous data comparisons
  • User-friendly interface and entry systems
  • Intelligent reminders and notifications
  • Access controls and e-authorizations
  • Strong vendor support and quick troubleshooting
  • Faster and responsive modules
  • Define hierarchy and approvals
  • Set multi-currency and exchange rates
  • Review and fetch multi-level job costing
  • Tailor-made to meet unique business models
  • Key performance indicators
  • VAT enabled

ERP Software Modules

RealSoft, being agile and custom-made to different businesses, enhances the operational excellence and productivity in any business. It provides you with several modules to meet your core business activities with the utmost control and vision.

Accounting Software Dubai

RealSoft lets you automate all the financial accounting requirements and facilitates a smooth workflow within the organization. It helps in calculated decision making and supports you to trace and work on the complete financial details from a centralized database. Realsoft, the best accounting software Dubai, offers you with international standards and quality along with multiple companies, currency, language, and several other features.

RealSoft accounting ERP UAE combines all essential financial operations into a single system for improved efficiency and performance. Managers would be able to review and scroll through the automated MIS reports. They can receive business forecasts and act accordingly. The software also lets you know about varying costs that includes depreciation, debts, receivables, payments, & comparison reports.

Inventory Management Software UAE

The purchase department is the most crucial department which controls and limits the spending pattern in a company. Procurement module allows the user to manage complex inventory, purchase history, local purchase orders, stock details, vendor details, and relative information.

Procurement & inventory are two crucial departments that control and limit the spending pattern in a company. RealSoft purchasing management software allows the user to manage complex inventory, purchase history, local purchase orders, stock details, vendor details, and relative information systematically.

RealSoft ERP software UAE helps you to manage stocks and control inventory without losing money. With the help of RealSoft ERP, storekeepers can handles stocks effectively and eliminate the chances of a no-stock situation or excess stock situations. RealSoft ERP software streamlines the purchase operations and inventory operations. Therefore, tracking, monitoring, and reviewing the processes become simplified. It helps you buy and sell the best products from the best suppliers. RealSoft inventory management software supports your purchase planning and analyzes the inventory requirements for the current term.

Sales Management Software UAE

Sales is the core activity in a company that determines the existence of the business itself. The sales module in ERP helps you know the A to Z aspects of the sales from inquiry to sales and history. The module comprises of functions for placement, enquiry management, assignment, sales orders, sales history, planning, and to determine sales rates too.

RealSoft sales management software UAE helps businesses to understand, review, and plan the A to Z processes of the sales team. These processes include generating sales leads to inquiry management, customer assignment, offering proposals, sales confirmation, issuing sales orders, tracking sales history, ensuring customer satisfaction, planning sales activities, and determining sales rates.

Sales are the core activity in a company that determines the existence and future of the business. RealSoft ERP software Dubai allows a business to manage the customers effectively so that the sales process happens without delays, errors, or hurdles. RealSoft ERP for sales management centralizes all the sales activities under one roof and makes it easier for the sales team to decide and conclude sales deals. Streamlining sales operations will bring in transparency within the department and improve the productivity of the team members. RealSoft ERP software UAE helps businesses to automate the sales processes and offers third-party application integrations for a seamless experience.

Job costing is the process of tracing and valuing all the related tasks into a single job, project, or account for easier management. This module can also be beneficial to ease out the hectic process of managing the costing involved in a project. It is used to process real-time job cost accounting.

RealSoft accounting software UAE helps a business to trim down operational costs and save time. It allows you to track and retrieve all the transactions and expense involved in a particular project so that the management knows where and when cost incurs. Company management can track costs job-wise, day-wise, project-wise, and operation-wise.

RealSoft finance management software allows a business to simplify the hectic process of reviewing job costs and delivers real-time statistics. RealSoft ERP for job cost management helps you organize your resources and plan better. The accounting software Dubai automates tasks related to cost-management and allows the team members to focus on performing their core tasks and building strategies for growth.

Customer Relationship Management Software UAE

Considering the customer as the king, CRM is the process of automating the entire activities related to a customer or client. It ensures customer satisfaction and maintains the customer relationship through proper planning, allocation, marketing strategies, timely support, follow-ups, and other traceability factors. The module can help boost customer relationships and extend increased support and profitability, and manage resources efficiently.

RealSoft customer relationship management software Dubai allows you to automate the complete activities related to managing a customer or client and ensuring customer satisfaction. The CRM software Dubai helps a business to maintain and improve its customer relationship by guaranteeing timely support, follow-ups, and proper planning. The customer is considered as the king in sales. RealSoft CRM software UAE helps you strategically plan ways to boost customer relationships with extended support and attention.

Customer relationship management software UAE uses a centralized database to compile and coordinate the customer relationship maintaining activities. The software maintains transaction records and interaction history of a customer to offer personalized and better services to customers. RealSoft helps an officer to close a sales deal more effectively and quickly as he has all the data of a customer in the CRM. The manager can set access controls and limits so that the team makes proper use of the data, and no misuse occurs. RealSoft CRM software Dubai helps you to track team performance and define customer relationship management workflow.

Estimation Software UAE

WBS (Work Break-Down Structure) is adopted by companies to categorize the costing considering the effort, cost, components, and other factors in a job or project. This module acts as a project management tool. The tool helps you to prioritize projects and tasks into smaller and manageable activities with the help of measurable inputs, outputs, schedules, availability or resources, and assigned responsibilities. It I focused on the deliverable breakdown of a project.

Work Break-Down Structure (WBS) software is employed to classify and categorize the costs of various items (labor cost, operational expenses, overheads, components, raw materials, transportation, etc.) in a job or a project. RealSoft estimation software Dubai is an excellent choice for companies. This project management tool helps companies to prioritize projects and breakdown the tasks into smaller and manageable activities with the help of measurable inputs, outputs, schedules, resources availability, etc. The software helps a business to focus on the project deliverable by breaking down the work.

RealSoft estimation software Dubai uses intelligent algorithms and technologies to improve workplace productivity. The estimation team can strategically plan, analyze, and prepare estimations with the help of RealSoft estimation ERP. It, therefore, improves performance and brings transparency in every field. RealSoft offers an interactive and user-friendly dashboard to generate reports. It also increases the speed and accuracy of estimations and quotations. The estimation software UAE helps you create estimation sheets with the help of automation tools, intelligent algorithms, and planning & scheduling tools as you input the BOQ details.

Warehouse Management Software Dubai

WMS (Warehouse Management System UAE) & PDA (Process Data Acquisition) provide industry-specific solutions, scalable and flexible workflow, qualitative and focused reporting. The module supports daily operational activities including orders, work monitoring, inventor status, and provide with real-time information.

RealSoft ERP for warehouse management supports managers to handle the daily operational activities of a warehouse effectively. The warehouse management software UAE allows a business to prepare, review and monitor the stock movements in a warehouse and take necessary actions to speed up the delivery of items. The software ensures good visibility across operations in warehouse management. It helps a business to plan and implement quick deliveries, multiple pickups, precautionary measures, and careful handling of the fragile and sensitive items.

RealSoft PDA (Process Data Acquisition) plays an important part and offers a flexible workflow. RealSoft warehouse management software ensures smooth and reliable supply chain management and offers industry-specific, scalable, flexible, qualitative, and focused solutions that can monitor work orders, inventory status, stock management, stock movement, and deliver real-time statistical data. It helps in retaining customer satisfaction and guarantees customer acceptance of the items delivered. RealSoft ERP for warehouse management makes it easy for you to manage the booking, entries, dispatch information, shortage, excess, and faulty materials. The data remains centralized and accessible by the respective managers anytime to manage their projects or promises.

HR & Payroll software Dubai

HR & Payroll is a refined functional module to manage the attendance, leaves, overtime, allowances, deductions, fines, end-of-service benefits, and all other employee-related accounting in an organization effectively. The module assists the HR team to manage employee information efficiently and generate employee-related information in a single click. Know more of payroll software Dubai

The core of a business is its people. RealSoft HR & Payroll software UAE allows a company to give proper care to its people and manage their attendance, leaves, overtime, allowances, incentives, deductions, fines, end-of-service benefits, and all other employee-related matters systematically. The software stores all data related to the employee in the central server, and it becomes easier for the manager to fetch and track the employee performance reports and behavior.

RealSoft HR & Payroll management software Dubai allows managers to generate employee settlements in one-click if in case an employee is terminated or has resigned. The line managers can record employee’s appraisals and performance-related details into the system so that the HR Managers can view and take necessary actions on time. The HR officer can keep all the related information (date and validity of contracts, legal Identities, travel documents, visas, passports, promotions, demotions, suspensions, leaves, travel details, absence, presence, etc.) and update them as and when required. RealSoft HR & Payroll software UAE helps a manager to track

Manufacturing Software in UAE

Production & Manufacturing is an important module to facilitate automation across the entire manufacturing process and helps to improve operational efficiency and productivity. This module helps in realizing the processes by which raw materials are transformed into finished goods. It helps in managing the inventory, production controls, packing, shipping, export, delivery, new orders and different integrated processes.

RealSoft manufacturing software allows a business to track the complete processes in a manufacturing plant. It helps them to manage the inventories, production processes, packaging, shipping, logistics, export, delivery, imports, new orders, and other integrated processes. The manufacturing ERP automates the production processes and helps you in realizing the process involved in transforming raw materials into finished goods. RealSoft ERP for the manufacturing industry helps in meeting the challenges in the production plants and optimize their productivity.

The software allows you to take control over of the production process, quality check, performance, and labor-management inside a production plant without pain and trouble. The software helps a company to improve the performance of its employees by managing all the operations in real-time, thereby optimizing the cost, raw materials, and resources. It also helps a company to plan and schedule the work systematically with the required resources and labor in the production process.

Asset Management Software Dubai

Managing your fixed assets is made easy with this module of the ERP which includes costing, asset registry, inventory, depreciation etc. The module provides you with tools and information required to manage your assets, tax reporting, history, inventory controls, preventive maintenance modules, and to streamline entire processes.

RealSoft asset management software enables a business to combine all the information of the company assets into a central server. It makes it easy for managers to audit, track, maintain, and calculate depreciation costs and liability. The asset manager can generate MIS reports in a minute and submit to the auditors and senior management for review. The asset management software tracks the lifecycle of each asset so that the managers have real-time information about it.

The software lets you record item purchase dates, price, year-wise depreciation, lifecycle, repair conditions, disposal details, and movement details. Such a detailed recording of data helps the managers to classify items based on their age, type, material, location, or projects. RealSoft fixed asset management software supports a company to improve its efficiency and save money by tracking and retrieving information about assets in a single click and decide on its timely replacement or disposal.

Facility Management Software UAE

The entire facility management services including customized operations, billing, notification, reports, service history etc. can be automated and directed through an ERP software like RealSoft. The module also allows you to manage facilities across different locations & zones, manage & and equipment, record and assign repairs & maintenance, and labor management.

RealSoft facility management software Dubai enables a facility management firm to manage the property by properly planning spaces, scheduling repairs, implementing routine maintenance, and automating the customer support system. The facility management ERP can access the central data and coordinate activities inside a property without delay.

RealSoft allows a business to manage its facilities across different locations & zones. It can help you assign duties and responsibilities to the workers based on priority and urgency. It also lets you manage equipment, repairs, and labor timesheets for billing purposes. RealSoft facility management software UAE helps a company to customize its facility management operations and offer a reliable support system for the customers. The software makes it easy to locate items, check warranties, analyze previous repairs, schedule maintenance, allocate resources, and improve productivity. With the help of an intelligent automation system, a reliable support system, user-friendly dashboards, and a real-time reporting system, a company can eliminate errors and faults, save money, and ensure a smooth flow of operations.

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