Inventory Management System

Automated store management software to improve product sales, operations, handling, and performance.

Inventory Management Software is a practical ERP solution that facilitates store automation, smart item handling, and risk-free store operations. Our ERP software helps companies to track and understand real-time inventory details, generate MIS reports in one-click, get interactive notifications and custom alerts, and take necessary actions at the right time. It allows a user to manage inventory of multiple locations, branches, and warehouses, reducing the risk of product damage and scattered data.

The retail inventory management ERP has inbuilt technologies and tools to manage the store and inventory smartly. This ERP solution is perfectly suitable for all kinds of the store, like retail outlets, supermarkets, warehouses, automobile stores, etc. It is also the right choice for any business that requires an ERP software or a stock management system to handle their internal store and inventory, like a manufacturing plant, a construction business, a steel installation company, etc. The ERP software consists of various modules to manage all stages of store handling, like, stock, material handling, purchase, inventory, sales, payroll, etc.

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Advantages of Store Management Software

  • Wiser, Quicker, and Improved Decision Making
  • Boosts Productivity and Efficiency
  • Skillfully Manage Bottleneck Situations & Excess Stock Situations
  • Manage Multiple Locations, Warehouses, Branches
  • Automated Inventory Handling
  • One-Click Detailed MIS Reports
  • Centralized Storage and Control
  • Control Inward, Outward, and Stock
  • Inbuilt Tax Calculation
  • Real-Time Inventory Information
  • Get Business Intelligence Reports and Reduce Risks
  • Improved Business Visibility and Transparency In Operations
  • Eliminate Duplication, Errors, and Misinformation
  • Faster and Increased Sales, Customer Satisfaction
  • PDA Application

Our stock management system is a trusted solution in the UAE for more than 16 years. It is a dynamic and efficient software made of sophisticated technologies like Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, RealSoft Algorithms, Powerful Software Architecture, etc. It delivers high ROIs when compared to legacy systems.

The store management software has endless functional features to deliver a unique user experience to the customer. With state-of-art technological integrations and collaborations, RealSoft fully automates and restructures your inventory for increased productivity and performance.

The Stock management system has a user-friendly and sensible dashboard that can be customized to get maximum visibility of the inventory operations. A user can get custom reports in an instant and manage the stock based on the demand trends, forecasts, and analytics. The store management software helps a company eliminate its downtime, automate its processes, and scale its growth with the help of advanced and inbuilt technologies.

In addition to the excellent functional features and specifications, the inventory management software offers best-in-class training to the staff, migrate a company’s master data with 100 percent accuracy, and offer instant technical support.

Inventory Characteristics

  • Multilayered Configurable Storage Structures
  • Effective Material Indent Issue
  • Smart Vendor Handling
  • Multiple Pricing Methods
  • Quick & Concise Reports
  • Integrated Purchase Module
  • Intelligent Forecast & Stock Adjustment
  • Real-Time & Perpetual Valuation
  • Smart Categorization and Classification
  • Multifaceted Barcoding, Part Number
  • Product Property Definition
  • Effective Lead Time
  • Batch System Handling
  • Expiry Date & Warranty
  • Product Serial Number
  • Item Attachment (Add Picture, Material Certificate, Etc.)
  • Interactive Merchandise Search
  • Track & Monitor Inventory Movement
  • Good Received Note
  • Stock Issue, Stock Note
  • Damage Issue, Expiry Issue, Write Off
  • Multiple Location
  • Import & Export Function
  • Inbuilt Purchase & Order System
  • Simplified Delivery Returns & Purchase Returns
  • Maintain Opening Stock
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Inventory Auditing
  • Managing Bill Of Entry Number & Country Of Origin

Inventory Management Software - Features

This classification mechanism in the stock management system allows a company to classify the inventory and assign properties to the end level. Multilevel classification is one of the best features as it becomes easy to generate multi-dimensional inventory reports, maximize product information and utilization, and manage inventory effectively. This method lets you search, track, and retrieve information instantly.

The store management software allows a company to detail the product properties for the effective utilization of information. Users can add a wide range of properties to merchandise like quality, color, brand, type, material, size, dimension, etc. for retrieving comprehensive information during the search process.

The stock management system lets a user define the base level quantity of each item for reorder so that the ERP software analyzes and notifies the user when the stock reaches the reorder point. This functionality will eliminate any out-of-stock situations plus delayed delivery and automates the reorder system. It helps the company to control the order processing time and manage stock responsibly

The inventory management ERP uses a centralized database and real-time data synchronization from multiple locations. The intelligent search mechanism empowers a user to find out and track an item by entering various parameters. The system will then showcase different categories of products with prices, stock, and their alternatives.

The inventory management software has a live mechanism to synchronize the inventory data from multiple locations, branches, and warehouses to produce distinctive reports and operational information. Therefore, the user has better visibility of inventory across different areas and units. It adds value addition to inventory operations.

The centralized storage facility in the retail inventory management ERP allows a user to track and retrieve information instantly. It also facilitates faster access, the safety of data, and one-click reports. Stock checking, validation, valuation, material issues, etc. become effortless and centralized. Information from multiple branches, locations, and warehouses gets stored in the central server and is readily available

Inventory management ERP supports the maximum utilization of resources. Therefore managing stocks, delivery, purchase, sales, inventory, barcoding, billing, item valuations, reorders, returns, etc. become simplified and organized. It will also help in controlling the inventory-related expenses and errors

The inventory management software has an ingenious system to manage the inventory using multilevel barcoding. The user can identify and track a product with the system using colored labels and codes. This barcoding provides more concise and accurate information of each item during search and may include details like location, warehouse, branch, brand, shelves, rack, etc.

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