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Coral Business Solution is one of the leading business solution providers in India and Middle East regions. We are engaged in every aspect of Business Software. RealSoft ERP from Coral Business Solutions has redefined the future of many small and medium businesses across different verticals in Middle East region and India. By using solutions from Coral Business Solutions helps to reduce the costs and improving the productivity of your business. We assure more stability for your operations in a constantly changing business environment.

Our ERP solution was distinguished from other common ERP solution in terms of:

  • Quick Implementation
  • Easy Administration
  • Business Process Scalability
  • Customized flow for your Business
  • Unmatchable Service Levels

We are also focusing on RealSoft ERP, RealSoft Contracting, RealSoft Trading, RealSoft Manufacturing, Coral CRM, Coral Retail POS, Real Estate, Pharmacist, Club suit, Coral Lite.


RealSoft is a set of solution for midsized companies who want to maintain their day to day activities in a systematic way. RealSoft includes various levels of functional modules which empower you to access information with accuracy and speed. The solution covers the critical areas of Job costing, Subcontracting, Estimation & Tender Management, Project Billing, Machinery & Tools management, finance & Accounts, inventory, Sales, Purchase, projects,
Fixed Assets, HR & Payroll etc. This will help you to automate the activities in your company. The ideal solution should be scalable according to the growth of the company. Normally these change over is crucial in all the solutions and it will enhance your cost for implementation. The flexibility of the solution enables you to implement your business decisions and workflow in the system. RealSoft will help you to expand or reduce your system as and when it is required. The powerful workflow management system in RealSoft ERP powers you to reconfigure the system
structure at any point in time.

The system is designed in such a way that you will not have to search for information anywhere else. Instant information feature in the system lets you travel through documents from top to
bottom. RealSoft ERP toolset contains powerful tools to implement the solution in a faster way.
This can be done by any user and which will cut down your cost to a large extent. Why Electrical Contractors & Panel Board Builders In Kerala Uses RealSoft ERP Software?

  • Keep track of materials issued to the site.
  • Manage the cost of each site separately.
  • Send Purchase Order to suppliers on a single click.
  • Set alerts, privileges and approvals according to your needs.
  • Access from multiple locations.
  • Also, track the labor cost and movements.
  • Makes your purchases and stock keeping up to date.
  • Easy Accounts and Finance Reports (Including Returns Report).
  • Submit Quotation to your client fast and accurately
  • Calculate labors and employees salary, OT, ESI, PF etc easily
  • Easy and Industry specific Billing methods
  • Training to all users

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