Best ERP for Trading Business

ERP for trading business assists in enhancing the efficiency and streamlining the operational workflows. It will result in improved productivity and guaranteed ROI. The enterprise solution automates the sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, and many other core processes in the commercial entity while reducing risks and overcoming challenges. The ERP software allows an organization to comply with government policies, regulations, industry standards, and trade standards to maintain a profitable business.

We have designed ERP trading software UAE with state-of-the-art technologies to help companies restructure their commercial processes, modernize their work environments, and enjoy a unified work experience.

A company can manage a whole range of processes in the trading business using trading ERP software.


The advantages of trading ERP software in Dubai are;

  • Track and Monitor Real-time Statistics
  • Integrate Third-party Applications
  • Generate Accurate Reports and Data Instantly
  • Automate Core Operational Processes
  • Generate and Review Analytical Reports anytime
  • Set Customized Alerts, Notifications, and Controls
  • Define and Implement Process Flows
  • Manage Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Track and Review Sales
  • Centralize Workflow & Operations
  • Document Inheritance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Third-party Application Integration
  • Electronic Approvals
  • Import & Export Reports and Documents


The salient features of the best ERP for trading business are;

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Sales & Revenue
  • Control Labor and Operational Costs
  • Implement Financial Controls
  • Smooth and Meticulous Cash Flow
  • Practical and Real-time Inventory
  • Excellent Control over Stock
  • Effectively Manage Bottleneck & Excess Stock Situations
  • Control Customer Credit Limits
  • Evaluate Suppliers & Vendors
  • Manage Multiple Branches & Locations
  • Improved Accounting & Organized Expenses
  • User Access Controls
  • Easier PDC & Cheque Administration System
  • Customize Dashboards & Workflows


Key features of ERP trading software in UAE are;

  • PDC Control
  • Cost Center Analysis
  • Interactive System Reports
  • Automate Cost Centers
  • Graphical Representation
  • Multi-dimensional Cost Allocation
  • Intelligence & Interactive Dashboard
  • Multi-level Electronic Documentation & Authorization
  • Integrated Messaging System
  • Customized Reports (Monthly, Daily, Yearly, Item-wise, Customer-wise, etc.)
  • Inter Location Transfers
  • Multi-location Inventory
  • Customer List & History
  • Employee Master
  • Automated Salary & Wages Calculation
  • Implement Loyalty Points
  • Centralized Stock Management
  • Easy to Track Warranty & Billing Information
  • Stock Expiry, Forecast, Rejection
  • Automated Inventory Valuation & Adjustment
  • Integrated Tax Calculation System
  • Barcode, GRN, Material Issue Note
  • Profit and Loss Summary & Comparison
  • Payroll Processing
  • Sales Summary
  • Sales Order, Job Order, Summary
  • Faster Quotations, Purchase Orders
  • Document Import & Export
  • Supplier Master and Item Master
  • Customer Outstanding & Supplier Outstanding
  • Material Requisition, Supplier Comparisons, Payments
  • Statement of Accounts (Customer, Supplier, Vendor)
  • Bank Reconciliation, Analysis, Trial Balance
  • Manage Discounts, Profit Margins, Customer-wise Pricing

Why RealSoft Trading ERP Software?

Trading is a sensitive and competitive business that is directly related to all other industries and supply chains. Therefore, it requires the support of an intelligent solution like RealSoft trading ERP software to streamline operations, regulate expenses, and improve profitability and efficiency. ERP for trading business harnesses operations with unique algorithms, integrated tools, and real-time data synchronization technologies.

A commercial venture can perform consistently, offer legally compliant services, maintain industry standards, minimize risks, and succeed in the market with ERP trading software, UAE.

RealSoft is a top-notch ERP trading software in UAE with 17 plus years of history and versatility, implementing 4000+ plus projects in the Middle East. The ERP software is a VAT-enabled, AI-powered, fully digitalized, and perfectly crafted ERP application for the commercial industry (footwear, logistics, supply chain, apparel, building materials, automobile & spare parts, textiles, wholesale, retails, etc.).

General Trading Software - Modules

A customer relationship management software is a vital tool that enables a trading business to convert every lead into opportunities. It empowers you to provide seamless customer satisfaction and permits a company to evaluate its sales lifecycle. Sales analysis, team management, creative campaigns are some of their highlight factors. It includes inquiry, lead registration, and proposals to producing a satisfied customer, sales, and reorders.

Inventory control is a critical module that allows an enterprise to prepare, plan, and manage stocks, warehouses, branches, suppliers, logistics, and sales effectively to save money and build reliability among customers. Expiry management and real-time stock movement monitoring are essential to administer a proper inventory and stores.

Timely invoicing is the most crucial objective of a trading business. Any improper or delayed processing will affect the cash flow of the company. Invoicing, credit notes, receipts, bills, payment terms, invoice matching, budgeting, follow-ups are some of the most vital tasks that need dedicated attention. An ERP for trading business helps a company deal with all such issues effectively.

Sales Module takes care of the inquiry registrations, lead handling, quotations, negotiations, sales closure, forecasts, and CRM aspects. It strengthens the company workflow and automates its marketing activities. It improves customer relations, leads management, and coordinates marketing campaigns effectively. The ERP for trading business allows managers to evaluate and redefine the sales lifecycle if necessary.

Trading ERP software in Dubai brings more transparency, visibility, and proficiency in the business with real-time reports. Managers can track information, navigate to vital sectors from the dashboard, export data on convenient formats, define independent workflows, evaluate performance, and get crucial insights and analytical reports on the go. An ERP solution offers real-time data and a live experience to its customers.

The purchase module helps officers to meet the purchase requirements of the trading entity. It uses multilevel supplier analysis tools, cost centers, and stock handling tools. It, therefore, allows the purchase manager to find the best quality, price, and item, handle import and export costs, manage landing and miscellaneous expenses, and offer strategic, fast, and prompt support to the company. It enables the procurement manager to evaluate multiple supplier quotations, pricing, and history in real-time.

The finance and accounting module helps a commercial venture automate its cost centers, payables, receivables, revenue, credits, depreciation, and other general accounts in compliance with the tax and legalities. The trading ERP trading software allows you to set custom alerts, reminders, and notifications based on various financial parameters. It lets you create multiple cost centers and analyze the profitability and operational expenses strategically.

ERP for trading business provides users with intelligent ways to manage their import and export activities. The software can generate multilevel reports on the products imported, landing cost, customs duty, logistics, etc. Therefore, the store manager will have detailed expense analysis and data to maintain his pricing. It also will act as a cost center to manage such activities.

Best Trading Software in UAE
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