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RealSoft ERP Ideal For :

Real Estate Management

Construction Management

Manufacturing Industry

Automobile & Workshop Management

Warehouse Management

Food & Beverages Industry

What is Realsoft ERP?

RealSoft is a complete VAT Compliant ERP for the companies of any size and activity in Dubai, UAE. It automates and integrates all divisions of business and facilitate it's smooth functioning. Installation of Realsoft ERP, The Complete ERP Package, will be a wise decision if you want to take your business to newer heights. ReaslSoft ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integrates the complete management information of a company to a common platform. RealSoft ERP is a list of efficient procedures or practices which a company can easily adapt to reduce the cost of operation and to achieve desired level of profitability. RealSoft ERP includes so many functional modules and customised external applicatiobs to automate the resource of the company. RealSoft ERP provides the key benefit like :

 Work Flow management

 Business Intelligence

 Managerial Dashboard

 Alerts, Triggers and Reminders

 Electronic Authorisation

 Business Process Scalability

 Faster Deployment

• Extrenal Access - Applications, Web Interfaces, Devices, etc

 Customizable Interfaces and Reports

 Easy Implementation

 International Standard Concepts and Practices

 Extensive Document Management

Empower your people with powerful tools

business-analystics2That's where we come in. The role-tailored experience of Realsoft ERP gives your people access to information. The right information. And, when your people get their hands on data specific to their day-to-day jobs they get started quickly, become more productive and more efficient even faster than before.

Work Flow Definition

Work Flow Definition

This is a powerful feature to automate your complete operation. Workflow definition ensures “the right work is brought in the right sequence at the right time to the right people.” It is a tool designed to facilitate and automate business processes that require tasks to be performed by people. Workflow allows process owners to keep an eye on deadlines, provides statistics on the length of time to complete work processes, determine the workload with regard to individual employees and save processing time.

RealSoft ERP Modules

Finance & Accounting : Sound, responsible financial management is at the heart of business success. Coral solutions for financial management give your people a way to raise the visibility of financial metrics and the effectiveness of financial management throughout your organization—all using familiar tools and existing skills.

Purchase & Inventory : To keep your retail business running smoothly, you need a cost effective inventory management system. Coral solutions can help you improve inventory management processes. CoralInventory is an extended inventory module for all kinds of industries like general trading, drugs and pharmaceuticals, automotives, etc.

Material Procurement : Coral Procurement allows organizations to integrate supply activities across enterprise functions and helps procurement become a business-critical activity. Coral Procurement enables organizations in engaging key users and suppliers to leverage for better spend compliance. It delivers significant cost savings by improving order processing efficiencies and contract compliance.

Estimation / BOQ / Budget Entry : It facilitate to enter detailed estimation and variations (both quantities and amounts) of the project.It allows different stages of quantity and cost break down as Project,Stages,Substages & Cost Unit. This is helpful in comparing and controlling job cost. Option of having revised and targeted budget. Option of lump sum value for some items where quantity measurement is not possible.

Job Costing : Job costing is the process of tracking the expenses incurred on a job against the revenue produced by that job. Job costing will generally applicable for the industries like building contractors, subcontractors, architects, consultants, etc. The Job costing reports in the Coral solutions helps you ensure that all costs involved in a job have been properly invoiced to the customer. An Estimates vs. Actuals report compares quoted costs to actual costs, and quoted revenues to actual revenues so that you can analyze any variances between your quote and the actual result.

Material Cost : Cost of the material incurred for a project. It is tracked from purchase and Inventory module.

Man Power Cost : Labours will be working on different projects in the same month. Specially designed time sheet to track labour cost project wise, stages and sub stages wise. This will generate automatic payroll for the labours.

Plant & Machinery Cost : Tracked from P&M rents paid and its depreciation.

Sub Contractor Cost : Tracked from the sub contractors module.

Human Resource : Coral Human Resources Management (CHRM) module is a complete suite of Human Resource Management system. It takes care of entire human resource cycle right from recruitment to retirement. It handles enterprise-wide core human resource activities such as recruitment management, employee management, training, attendance & payroll, leaves, tours & travel management, performance evaluation, and loans and advance management.

Time Sheet & Payroll : Payroll module generates quick employee(Staff in projects and Office staff)pay sheet & Payslip. Daily data consists of employee wise, project wise, stages wise and sub stages wise normal working hours,normal overtime hours,special over time hours. Employee can work in same day for any numbersn of projects ,stages and Sub stages.

Fixed Asset Management : Fixed Assets module handles all transactions related to fixed assets, for ease as well as for own use. It also provides for information like asset enhancement / upgradation, physical verification, insurance and asset tracking

Miscellaneous Cost Job Revenue / Sales : Tracked from purchases and Payments module. Coral Sales & Distribution provides end-to-end automation of an organization’s sales cycle which comprises quotation processing, order processing to invoicing and delivery with multiple pricing methods, payment terms and delivery schedules. It does support multiple units of measurements and currencies. The module is developed with various level of access control and the best part of it is that the reports can be seen by management or concerned person from anywhere, anytime. Coral Sales & Distribution allows the enterprise to connect between the remote locations through Smart Linking.

Job Revenue : This will facilitate to make invoices based on the percentage of work done in various stages and Substages of a project. This will take care of variations, retention receivables,advance deductions etc. Related accounting will be done automatically.

Cost Control & Alerts : RealSoft ERP helps in controlling the project cost.When ever you want to commit a cost on the project system will compare it with targeted budgeted figures (both quantity and cost) and gives you the alert. This facility will throw the light on the performance of estimator and wastage at work. This will show in which stages and sub stages you made a profit or loss. This statistical data will help the estimators to prepare a better future tenders.

There are many alerts in the system like budget exceeding,Payable reminders,PDC alerts, receivable alerts, alerts to the MD if LPO approval is pending.

Security and Administration : Multi level security and access permissions View,Add,edit and delete permissions New user creation (Login & Password) Data Backup & Recovery Audit Trail.

Smart Linking : Smart linking is a tool to synchronise databases between multiple remote instances of Coral applications.This tool will allow the users to work locally and to update the entries to desired location after that. This is an effective way of connectivity between locations because users can attain more speed and accuracy. Moreover all the locations will have the same feeling that they are working in the same office.

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