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RealSoft is a complete ERP for the companies of any size and activity. It automates and integrates all divisions of business and facilitate it's smooth functioning. Installation of Realsoft ERP, The Complete ERP Package, will be a wise decision if you want to take your business to newer heights.

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That's where we come in. The role-tailored experience of Realsoft ERP gives your people access to information. The right information. And, when your people get their hands on data specific to their day-to-day jobs they get started quickly, become more productive and more efficient even faster than before.

This is a powerful feature to automate your complete operation. Workflow definition ensures “the right work is brought in the right sequence at the right time to the right people.” It is a tool designed to facilitate and automate business processes that require tasks to be performed by people. Workflow allows process owners to keep an eye on deadlines, provides statistics on the length of time to complete work processes, determine the workload with regard to individual employees and save processing time.

Finance & Accounting

Purchase & Inventory

Material Procurement

Estimation / BOQ / Budget Entry

Job Costing

Material Cost

Man Power Cost

Plant & Machinery Cost

Sub Contractor Cost

Human Resource

Time Sheet & Payroll

Fixed Asset Management

Misc. Cost Job Revenue/Sales

Job Revenue

Cost Control & Alerts

Security and Administration

Smart Linking