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RealSoft is a total bakery management software solution for FMCGs and industries engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of food, beverages, chocolates, cookies, etc., on a wide scale. Bakeries can use the integrated van sales and delivery app to distribute items and manage all the operations on-the-go.

An ERP for bakery industry acts as a one-stop solution to handle the production, packing, order processing, route planning, and accounting requirements of a bakery. The delivery app is integrated with a robust ERP solution so that a user can control all the operations of a bakery effectively and remotely. Managing production, timely delivery, and order processing in real-time are critical parts of profitability for a bakery. Bakeries can generate real-time statistics and MIS reports from the ERP dashboard to remain competitive in the business.

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Why RealSoft ERP for Bakery Industry?

RealSoft ERP for bakery business is a comprehensive package with numerous features and functionalities tailor-made for foodstuff manufacturing industries. It empowers users to improve bakery’s production and deliver systematically. It uses advanced features like barcode and QR code scanner, electronic signatures, emails, SMS, OTP, digital order processing, etc., to make the delivery interaction faster. The automation tools and interactive features will allow bakeries to process more transactions and improve delivery performance.

Asset maintenance is a vital task in a bakery, and the assets may include machinery, vehicles, and other equipment with ease. It helps ensure quality and proper supply items of without chaos. The delivery app permits the salesperson to sync data, invoice, and process orders in real-time.

Bakery software provides intelligent ways to maintain a bakery inventory with dynamic reports, forecasts, and insights. The proper purchasing of raw materials, delivery, order processing, etc., make the inventory management process effective. The ERP software for bakeries enables a business to stock up items in the inventory without messing up the production capacities. Therefore, bakeries and other food manufacturing industries will not face bottleneck situations or excess stocking

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