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A complete HR software solution and Payroll processing software to maintain employee records & calculate payroll. Our HR and payroll software UAE is cost effective and fully customizable.

Hr and Payroll Solution Dubai offers all basic and advanced requirements like, detailed employee master, document tracking, salary management, time & attendance management, Bonus & gratuity, Overtime management, Loan/Advance management, leave management, Allowances & Deductions, Assets issue & Tracking, Annual leave settlement, Other Staff Payments, End of service.. etc. Best HR and Payroll Solution Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and UAE.

An effective and efficient payroll process will ensure that employees are paid accurately and consistently, keeping them satisfied with this aspect of employment and allowing HR to focus on other areas. HRMS software

hr and payroll software

HR and Payroll Software Dubai 

1. Payroll Management Details
2. Employees Personal Details
3. Salary Details/Increment details
4. Leave Salary, Benefit and Gratuity Details
5. Time Sheet Management Reports/ Attendance Management
6. Payroll Processing based on Timesheet details
7. Salary Slip Details
8. Staff Payment – Cash/Bank and WPS.
9. SIF file for WPS

Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

The RealSoft Employee Portal is a secure web-based module that empowers
employees to view and make updates to their own personal and benefits information
without filling out forms and waiting for human resources to enter it into the system.
On the back-end, administrators in IT, HR, Finance, Operations, etc. should be able to
create workflows and rules to automatically route requests based on a variety of
factors, fulfill employee requests and analyze performance.

HR and Payroll Solution Dubai

This module will allow keeping a History record of Employee related to all detail regarding all
employees. HR & Payroll module is having several steps to use.

Employee Master
This Document will allow keeping record of employee. Whenever any new employee is joining
to company that should be enrolling in to this document.

Leave Entry
Whenever any employee wants to go on leave this document will allow providing the leave detail.
Before using this document first HR department has to set up the leaves for each employee with
specific leave type and available allowed leave. After that system will be able to control the leave
for each employee.

Staff Payment (Advance Loan)
This module will provide the facility to handle the advance loan given to the employee. Once
Advance loan data will provide into the system then system will give option to collect it in
periodic installment and system will automatically put this data in to the payroll.

Staff Receipt (Deduction)
Any kind of other deduction that company has to deduct from the employee’s salary will be
mentioned here. As this will give impact to the employee’s salary it is very important that finance
/ associate manager should cross check every time for accuracy.

Time sheet
Time sheet document is used to capture employee’s daily attendance that you can load from
external source or manual entry

Payroll Process

This will going to execute the staff periodic salary based on the data received from Timesheet,
Employee master for basic salary, Leave Entry for deduction if applicable, Staff Advance
Payment if applicable, Staff other deduction if applicable etc… Once this process is executed it
will give account effects also accordingly. So Payroll will be live with account department.

Leave Salary Process
The will allow to process the salary for not deductible leave. Once Leave salary Process has been
executed then system can allow paying that amount by this module.

Benefit Payment
There are a lots of benefits that are going to given to employee from employer. This data will be
recorded here. Salary module will use this data for processing the salary. This is master and it is
very sensitive as this will give effect to employee’s salary, so that authorized person has to
maintain this master properly.

Leave Salary Payment
Once Leave salary Process has been executed then system can allow paying that amount by this

Other Staff Payment
Any other payment regarding to staff which are allowed, approved, and given are mentioned

Salary Payment
After Completion of all process salary all we need to do is pay require and approved salary. This
can be paid by this document. This document will be used by the finance as it is very important
and critical.

hr and payroll solution dubai

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