ERP software for Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmacy Management System Dubai is a creative solution designed by RealSoft for the pharmaceutical industry to cope with the legal and healthcare regulation of UAE while keeping the operations simplified and organized. UAE practices high medical standards and welcomes technology, unlike any other nation. We leverage advanced technologies to offer a fully digitalized and custom-made solution to pharmacy businesses in UAE and provide a competitive edge.

Our pharmacy ERP software assures us to enhance operational efficiency and delivers extensive support to set a desired operating standard in the clinics and pharmacies. It is a cloud ERP software to help a clinic comply with the medical policies of the country. Our pharmacy ERP software provides smart modules to let a pharmacy business outrun its competitors. It allows handling stock, inventory, machines, and cosmetics efficiently. The pharmacy software Dubai empowers a pharmacy to bill faster and maintain the desired stock level based on intelligent forecasts and insights.

Some of the modules associated with the clinic management software include;

Pharmacy Management System

ERP Functions

The core functions of the pharmacy ERP software include;

Pharmacy Management System Advantages

Our pharmacy management system is a comprehensive package of solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

ERP Features

It has a one-click reporting tool that produces multilayered expiry reports.

Each Emirate of the UAE has unique health care rules and policies. RealSoft pharmacy ERP software offers customized solutions for pharmaceutical companies to meet such legal formalities and operate effortlessly. Our Pharmacy management system integrates perfectly with various e-Commerce websites, Insurance Providers, and authorized government programs such as OpenJet, Malaffi, HAAD, DHA, EHA, SALAMA, SPPS (Smart Patient Portal System), etc.

RealSoft allows a pharmacy to link with multiple companies and government portals for faster processing of insurance and prescription approvals. The user can integrate PDA and POS to the pharmacy software Dubai. The ERP software provides detailed information regarding insurance, credit limit, prescriptions, e-authorizations, sales summary, customer bonus, discounts, coupons, and medicine master data.

RealSoft uses a combination of innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, BPM, Machine Learning, etc., to create a dynamic pharmacy management system to reduce complexities and streamline pharmacy inventory.

We offer extensive training and best-in-class customer satisfaction to our clients. The pharmacy ERP software is ROI guaranteed and performance-oriented. Moreover, our technical team delivers unparalleled troubleshooting and back end support

Pharmacy Modules

A pharmacy management system has the vital responsibility of controlling the inventory and optimizing it for faster sales and billing, reducing damages and loss. Pharmacy software Dubai provides an intelligent search and tracking mechanism, and it identifies and delivers accurate data of the pharmacy inventory.

RealSoft is one of the best ERP software in GCC having 4000+ successful product implementations.

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