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We see spare parts shops in every nook and corner of the UAE. It may look as common and organic as any other shop, but the operational processes behind a spare parts business are tedious and laborious. It is challenging to manage the massive inventory in spare parts trading without proper automotive inventory software. ERP software offers increased flexibility and reliability for a trader. It helps a company take care of the spare parts life cycle that includes purchase, inventory, sales, and HR & Payroll effectively. The automotive inventory software offers improved performance, visibility, and optimal utilization of spares and parts. It also creates a unified platform for a real-time experience for its customers.

RealSoft has a sophisticated algorithm to deal with the spare parts inventory efficiently. It helps you categorize, arrange, code, organize, and identify the stocks effortlessly. Auto spare parts inventory fetches information from its central database quickly based on the user inputs and helps the business offer prompt support to clients, retaining their satisfaction and loyalty. It helps a company increase its revenue by providing best-in-class support and quick service to the customer with a competitive edge.


The key features of automotive inventory software are;

  • Intelligent Search by Part Number
  • Interactive Search using Model, Year & Make
  • Display Alternate Items
  • Display Item Picture
  • Display Consumer Purchase & Sales History
  • Pin Shortcuts for Cost, Stock & Rate
  • Customer-wise & Branch-wise Pricing
  • Multiple Location & Stores
  • Faster Quotation & Invoicing
  • Intelligently Handle Packing & Export
  • Customs Clearance & Landed Cost


Auto spare parts software allows a company to run a spare parts trading business successfully and keep their clients happy.

  • Search & Track Part Numbers
  • Identify OEM products or Substitutes
  • Plan Deliveries & Purchases
  • Generate Sales Analysis Details
  • Define Multiple Selling Prices
  • Control and Update Data from Anywhere
  • Profit & Loss Reports
  • Generate Reports based on Brand, Item Type, and Branch
  • Eliminate Duplications
  • View Real-time Statistics
  • Automate Purchases
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Pre-define Cost Centers
  • Credit Control
  • Quick Search (Batch-wise, Item-wise, Part-Number)
  • Analyze & Review Depreciation Costs
  • Receive Forecasts
  • Define Budget, Margin, Selling Price, Max. Discounts, Customer-based Price
  • Set Barcodes, Serial Numbers, & Labels
  • Authorize Transactions & Access
  • Monitor Performance & Progress Reports
  • Subscribe & Schedule Regular Purchases
  • Evaluate Multiple Quotations
  • Evaluate Supplier in Regular Intervals
  • Subscription-based License or One-time Payment
  • Quicker Deployment & Installation
  • Excellent Training
  • World-class Support & Troubleshooting
  • Initial Master Data Import Support
  • VAT Enabled


Some of the common functionalities of the Automotive ERP software are;

  • Monitor Dead-stock
  • Supply Chain
  • Multiple Currency Modes
  • Multiple Brands & Items
  • Intelligent Stock Master
  • Customer-History Oriented Pricing (Discounts, Price-cuts, Priority Setting)
  • Interactive Alerts & Notifications
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Define Quick Access Controls & Consoles
  • Automated Purchase & Re-order
  • Track and Monitor Spare Parts Transfer / Movement
  • Barcode
  • Easy to Track & Retrieve Items
  • Set User Access Control
  • Generate MIS Reports Easily
  • Simplified & Secure Payment
  • Credit & Client Handling
  • PDC & Cheque Handling
  • Improved Delivery
  • Monitor and Evaluate Market Value
  • Parts & Brand Management
  • Track Sales, Purchases, Credit, Debit, and PDC
  • Rank Supplier & Customer
  • Set Consumer Loyalty Programs
  • Supervise Job Orders
  • SMS & Email Integration
  • Prioritize Aged Assets
  • Identify Bottleneck / Out-of-stock / Overstocking Situations
  • Track Item Warranty
  • Track Substitute Items

Automotive software - Modules

Automotive ERP software allows a business to handle its stocks systematically. It enables companies to generate maximum revenue by prioritizing old stock (items voiding warranty, items kept in the store for more than months, materials with less shell life, and parts with better margins) and maintaining a better inventory. The store will have numerous items from several brands, and each item will have several compatible substitutes. These items are segregated based on part-number, vehicle model, compatibility, price, variant, brand, etc.

The purchase modules provide you with numerous possibilities for streamlining the procurement process. Supplier comparison, supplier portals, automated RFQ, intelligent reorder management systems are few critical features of this module. It also generates real-time reports so that the purchasing department can work in rapport with the warehouse, stores, and project departments seamlessly. Auto spare parts software by RealSoft is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere.

Auto spare parts inventory brings in transparency, visibility, and efficiency in the trading. The user can take care of the entire sales life-cycle through the ERP solution. The software automates all the core tasks in the spare parts business and encourages them to build a better relationship with each customer. The automotive ERP software allows the users to manage the sales and marketing activities in real-time. The salesmen can utilize the advanced and intelligent tools in the ERP software to serve customers better and ensure customer satisfaction.

The ERP software for the automotive industry lets a company manage its accounting and financial requirements with ease. It can help you manage payments, receivables, payables, dues, credits, PDC payments, liabilities, assets, and various cost centers systematically. One-click statement of accounts, reconciliation, salary calculation, PDC alerts, etc., are

Automotive inventory software helps a company to manage its warehouse and inventory without chaos. The user can define a workflow to effectively administer the order processing, purchasing, stock-keeping, and marketing activities. The centralized repository stores all the stock details. A user can control the stock, move it from one place to another, reject damaged stocks, verify GRN, track sales orders, analyze reports, and manage multiple locations easily from one place. Auto spare parts inventory software is a flexible and promising solution. It creates a reliable and responsive support system for a business.

The user can generate data and export reports into emails or printable files. The centralized database records and documents every transaction making it easier for the user to access and retrieve any data. An efficient auto spare parts software like RealSoft lets the manager know exact stock details, availability, value, etc.

The customer relationship management module enables users to deliver a personalized customer experience and outstanding support. They can engage their customers and improve their loyalty by setting dynamic prices based on customer-history. The salesman can convert every lead into revenue opportunities using ERP software for the automotive industry. Customer history, buying patterns, trends, and analysis reports are a few critical tools for a salesman.

The intelligent dashboard in automotive inventory software can provide you with massive information in a single search. As a user search for an item based on part-number or model-number, the dashboard produces tons of related information to take immediate action. The user gets information regarding the availability of an item, warranty information, alternate items, price, number of available pieces, brand, picture, margin, consumer-based history, selling price, and several other details in a second.

Automotive ERP achieves this with its inbuilt technologies like Artificial Intelligence, RealSoft AI, Algorithm, third-party APIs, Business Intelligence, and many others. ERP solution also allows a company to integrate several third-party applications and interfaces to its console and provide a seamless customer experience. The automotive ERP software gives a comprehensive and feature-packed solution to a company.

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