Real Estate Management Software In UAE

Real Estate Management Software

Software for real estate helps to organize and streamline real estate operations. It includes property sales, rental business, customer and tenant supervision, administering sales/rental contracts, detailed building information, handles accounting, and generating vivid reports and analytics. Real estate ERP delivers a simplified enterprise solution for a seamless user experience.

Real Estate software Dubai has inbuilt TAX calculation tools and is VAT compliant. The ERP solution has integrated advanced technologies like Machine Learning, AI, BI, BPM, etc., enabling a real estate company to control and optimize the building and asset-related functions. RealSoft property management software is an easy to use solution that guarantees ROI for investments and help the employees focus on responsible tasks. The system will run and analyze the complex data for the company, producing actionable insights, reports, analytics, and forecasts.

Real Estate Software is a cloud-based ERP solution that leverages the advancement of technology in real estate operations. The software works on multiple devices seamlessly. It is accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Functions of Real Estate ERP Software

Our real estate software is a scalable solution that suits landlords, real estate companies, brokers, facility management companies, and tenants alike

Features of Real Estate Software

The lease management software makes it easy for the business to audit and account for the transactions and cash flow. It proactively manages cheque validations, rent realizations, security deposits, contract breaking / terminating payments, and tax-enable invoicing.

Advantages of Real Estate ERP Software

The user can define parking space, designated parking slots, electricity and water details, unique rental policies, contract terms, payment modes, etc. The user can predefine unit-based or building-based information, furnishing status, and attach relevant images and documents for quick reference and sales.

Landlords, tenants, service providers, and agents can use their dedicated online portals to create a personalized platform between the client/tenant and real estate business and deal with the activities such as invoicing, support, ticketing, formal notifications, document control, and internal messaging system, etc.

Our ERP software for real estate is a highly responsive software that leverages user-friendliness, communication, team collaboration, quick customer services, and an extended centralized platform for work. It, therefore, becomes a strong and reliable platform for facility management. Furthermore, it has an integrated real estate CRM.

Software for real estate allows the business to manage preventive and post-maintenance, repairs, and service proficiently. It simplifies tax booking, validates revenue conversions, and inventory and asset controls. Detailed MIS reports and analytical data will eliminate any possibilities of error and duplication. Artificial Intelligence will provide real-time involvement and trend analysis reports.

The software features intelligent tools to identify and track inquiries, commissions, unit allocations, property assets, maintenance & repairs done, and inventory. The system will also help the business stick to defined procedures and standards while breaking or terminating contracts, rental agreements, and policy violations.

Real Estate Software Modules

Property module in Real Estate software Dubai has a dedicated online portal for users to get insights and statistical data. The landlords can utilize the multiple tabs in the online portal to evaluate property occupancy status, service requests, income generated, jobs allocated, and expenses. The user can generate intelligent reports from multiple perspectives

RealSoft is one of the best ERP software in GCC having 4000+ successful product implementations.

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