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New designs and high-cost Raw Material are always the first priority of every Packaging companies. The success of such companies is made by innovative designs, well maintenance, and trust. For having a streamlined supply chain, Production Flexibility and automating business processes an ERP is essentially required.

RealSoft ERP gives you complete control over a Packaging company’s business operations. It also helps to provide better services to the customer. It gives real-time access to critical business information for making accurate and timely decisions. RealSoft ERP enables complete integration of projects with inventory management and Financial Accounting features. RealSoft is completely customizable and fits the unique operations of the packaging industry’s business operations of making labels, flexible packaging, Material Extrusion etc.

Coral Business Solutions dealing RealSoft ERP which has excellent implementation record since last 10 years in GCC nations. RealSoft is well known for its modules like Finance, Trading, Contracting, Job Costing, Manufacturing, CRM, Real Estate, Pharmacy, Retail POS etc. RealSoft is a best and economic solution for mid-sized companies which you can expand as your company grows.


  • Work Order Management
  • Design Master
  • Production Process Mapping
  • Roll number wise Raw Material Tracking
  • Process-wise Resource Allocation
  • Logistics Management
  • Order and Resource Analysis
  • Resource Utilization
  • Production Console
  • Power Consumption reports for Process
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Asset Management
  • Material management
  • Complete quality control in one package


  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Custom Shortcuts for ease of access
  • Smart Linking
  • Provision to define Process
  • Batch Processing / Individual Process Defining
  • Summarized Analysis Reports
  • Allocation provision for Machines with Processes
  • Process Related Reports
  • Process-wise costing reports
  • Power Consumption reports for Process
  • Management Systems for decision supporting
  • Custom Triggers and Alerts
  • Items allocation for each process with a provision to define wastage

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