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Firefighting ERP

There are countless things to worry about when managing a fire and safety business. Coral has the software tools that help you handle and run an effective professional operation. We promise the project management, job costing, facility maintenance, estimation, quoting, invoicing, AMC management, etc. to drive a smooth and well-organized fire fighting business.

Our ERP is customized to your specific requirements and can accelerate your work processes. By checking your products on a regular basis; supervisors, managers, workers, and anyone with given access can simply catch any visible issues. We offer an industry-leading solution designed to solve all the management problems of the fire and safety industry.

From work scheduling to its successful delivery; you can analyze the project status, detailed Service History of customer location, equipment history, issued warnings, payroll processing, billing & revenue management, and can make maintenance updates. Our ERP for fire fighting industry delivers all the mandatory features and tools to streamline these functions and can integrate these distributed jobs.

Challenges in the industry:

1. Detailed product-wise estimation
2. Product-wise warranty tracking
3. WBS (work breakdown structure) based project installation
4. Online tools for onsite
6. Onsite picture uploading & customer acknowledgment
7. PPM (plan preventive maintenance) scheduling & invoicing
8. Call out and on-site billing
9. Rectification


Project Management: 

In this module, the entire project will be broken into modules. These modules will be allocated to a selected team of people. The project will undergo every stages and sub-stages to attain a successful outcome. The system will update you with the current status and overview of the project. By efficiently tracking the progress of the project, you can find the problems and risks associated with the project. It also helps with the costs management of a project such as cost of materials, labors, subcontracts, tools, and overheads.

Job costing: 

The module tracks every cost associated with a particular job or project. So, the needed tools and components for the required project can be managed. Also, it is easy to recognize any project expenditures that are out of line with budget estimates.

Facility Maintenance: 

The all-in-one, online web application module helps you to handle your entire facility portfolio. An individual can handle service calls and cases as well. At the same time, it enables the engineers to update the status of each case assigned to them and manage better. The module keeps your clients happy.

HR & Payroll: 

The payroll manages administrating salaries in a company. The procedure includes the creation of employee profiles with all the related details, calculation of salaries, deductions of taxes, disbursement of salaries, administrating benefits, WPS, SIF file generation, Gratuity and more. Employing an integrated HR and payroll system let both sections to share information and communicate with ease. It takes care of payroll processing with timesheet management for the projects.

AMC Management

Annual Maintenance Cost will keep you updated with the current technology. After the installation of the system, you can smoothly track the services it needs to get a trouble-free experience for your customers. It also assists you in the invoices scheduling with site visit management. The system helps in billing & revenue management and save time by automating recurring invoices, payment reminders, etc. The ERP is easy to use and assign the tasks and cases in case of responsive maintenance and invoicing.


The module maintains the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. The inventory control includes monitoring item usages, reporting inventory status, recognizing inventory wants, combining the inventory balances, and integrating the data with sales, purchase, and finance modules to make vigilant reports.


The module provides a wide control and integration of financial information in your company. It enables you to record all primary documents and delivers all financial statements corresponding to the yearly financial activities.


The financial module is the main part of the ERP software system. It collects financial data from other functional departments and creates clear financial reports like general ledger, balance sheet, trial balance, and financial statements.

Sales & Purchase: 

This module notifies the required materials in the right quantity and at the right time for the better working of the company. It automates the procedures of recognizing potential suppliers, negotiating price, presenting purchase order to the supplier, and billing procedures.


Drill down into WO History: You will get a detailed Service History of customer location, equipment history, issued warnings, and more. Get complete visibility of audit trail of any equipment, Work Orders and their related Checklists. Give your technicians access to all the information on the equipment that can be identified by Serial number, Location, Manufacturer, Model or a user-defined characteristic.

Scheduling: Schedule and reschedule tasks to team members in a single step. Project managers will get live updates of the whole team and how much time has been spent on a project, view deadlines, and urgent jobs. Thus, they can decide any changes needed, plan resources, and jobs can be managed and timed effectively.

Route Optimization: Keep track of all scheduled appointments for a day. You can visually reorder the travel routes of your technicians for the best route efficiency. Organize your technician’s schedules with flexible scheduling options and routes. The included GPS capabilities can live track the Service Rep locations for real-time dispatching.

Checklists: You can generate customized Checklists from the serial number of the item being reviewed or maintained. The checklist automates every step that has to be done by a Service Technician.

Empower your technicians with the advanced checklist which contains tick boxes, note entry, data entry, and drop-down lists of predefined codes or numeric measurements. It will streamlines workflow for inspections with an easy to follow a to-do list.

Any updates in the checklist will be automatically added to the Work Order. You can fill out the checklists on site and make the central server updated at the same time. The checklist data provide a complete view of service work performed. You can also group the items, customer location, etc. for better evaluation and printing or emailing. It avoids the issue of missing steps required to close the work order.

Work Orders: A unique and overview of Equipment or multiple checklists. Equipment may have a group of instructions automatically produced for it. These are combined to form a single Work Order. You can keep an eye on the technician and their jobs or the equipment they are working on.

Contract Tracking: Make it easier to track and uphold the correctness of all your preventative maintenance as well as service contracts. Frequently scheduled services will be set up as formal contracts between you and your clients. The system provides reminders of maintenance due, gets more accurate billing, simplifies the quoting process, and more.

Real-time Web Connectivity: With our real-time web connectivity, the technicians can record time against particular Work Order even though they are not in their workplace. So, the service technicians can view and arrange their upcoming schedules with their web connectivity and access the data of any equipment they’ll be servicing and the details of the work. Any updates they make in Work Order will also be updated instantly to the central Server. When the employees are back in the workplace, they can view these alterations.

Multi-vehicle multi-warehouse inventory control: Keeping track of all assets is an important task. Because some items can be missed while tracking or can be lost when these are moved from your site to service vehicles and vice-versa. Our ERP software system maintains all service records, giving you an up-to-date history. It includes the optional use of barcode scanning so that you will get the updates of assets from the site.

Powerful Estimating/Quoting: Our robust estimating software system lets Actual vs Estimated cost checking throughout or after a job. This will help you to enhance the accuracy of current expenditures as well as future quotes and estimates. You will get better control over the work of your technicians which drives productivity.

Integrated CRM: We have a Web-based CRM that gives different departments with a wide variety of significant functions and data. The system integrates all the Customer, Sales and Inventory information and lets it available for all relevant employees.

Complete Accounting Integration including Purchasing, Inventory, and Receivables: With the integrated Purchasing abilities, the Work Orders can effortlessly produce Purchase Orders that can be linked back to the Work Orders. This helps to instantly view and access POS from Work Orders and you can see when parts for an assigned job are coming in and their allocation, or access Work Orders from receiving, etc. This helps to break a large work into small portions, which is the main thing you simply cannot achieve with an add-on Field Service Management system. With our barcode option, you will get a perfectly organized and accurate inventory system.

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