Van Sales Software UAE

Van Sales Software

Automate your FMCG or any other sales and distribution business using RealSoft Van Sales software. It is integrated with ERP solutions with cutting-edge technologies to optimize and improve van sales activities. The mobile app improves the performance and reduce the cost of the delivery process and helps manage all associated activities easily. Delivery route optimization, geo-tagging, location pinning, online inventory, real-time integrations, and offline synchronization are some of the features that make van sales automation software UAE impressive. The mobile app allows the company to manage orders, inventory, production, delivery, sales, returns, and payments dynamically with the help of ERP integration. The van sales app works perfectly for supply chain businesses, FMCG sales, delivery, and other distributions

Van Sales Management Software Features


The van sales app is VAT-based and suits the FMCGs like Bakery, water, juice, vegetable, foodstuff perfectly. As bakeries supply items have strict expiry controls and require continuous production, the van sales app is an excellent software to streamline operations. The salesman gets optimized routes with location tags. It allows him to deliver items easily and quickly. He can also use the mobile app to scan barcodes, enter next-day orders, withdraw returns, and manage payments promptly.

The sales automation software stores all such information on the centralized server and syncs data in real-time. This information is interlinked with other departments, boosting production, packaging, and account management.

The van sales app empowers courier businesses with the added advantages of smart delivery verification using OTP validation, SMS, in-app notifications, emails, etc.


Van Delivery Sales Application UAE

One of the crucial advantages of the mobile van sales app is route optimization and planning. The app optimizes the delivery routes and plans for the salesmen while tagging locations and shop details. The app works offline, making it easier and practical for the salesman to use maps and deliver items without it will also notify the salesman of a lapsed delivery

RealSoft is one of the best ERP software in GCC having 4000+ successful product implementations.

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