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Affordable, Proven POS Solutions for Pharmacy. If you think a low-cost, comprehensive, easy-to-use point of sale solution is impossible, think again. Coral PharmaSuit POS system is designed to improve your business processes for today and tomorrow with advanced and reliable technology your business can afford. Scalable to Your Current Needs and Grows With You. PharmaSuit is an application which can run with your single location as well as in a complicated chain of retail outlets environment.

The Smart Linking module available with PharmaSuit solution will synchronise your POS database both offline and online. You can keep your database management centrally from the server and Smart Linking will push the detail to the outlets automatically. Enhance Productivity and Accuracy.

The ability to scan extended level of bar codes makes checkout operations faster, reduces keypad errors, and promotes consistency, which can result in more reliable reports. Manual data entry is always available for items that cannot be scanned. In addition to enhancing accuracy, optional customer display posts and information rich printed receipts improve accountability and presentation.

  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Fast Lookups
  • Complete On-Screen Help
  • Four Security Levels
  • Product Photos
  • Touch-Screen Ready
  • Multi-Register
  • Pharmacy POS
  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Accounts & Inventory