Fabrication Software For Aluminium, Steel & Metal Industry


Fabrication companies are always on a mission to grow their edge times to cut down on operating costs and to increase customer satisfaction. We present the best fabrication management software in Dubai, UAE to all industry needs. Realsoft manufacturing ERP concentrated in Metal working, metal manufacturing, steel fabrication and aluminum industries in the Middle East. Software supports Integrated estimating, drawing management, material management, production control, shipping, compare pricing and compatibility data, sales order management, financial management, production management, supply chain management, and customer relationship management (CRM). The fabrication process is automated and made easy for your needs.



 Integration with AutoCAD Vault

 Heat Number Tracking

 BOQ Generation

 Production process Automation

 Production Floor Inventory Management

 Manpower Scheduling

 Machine/People Planning & Scheduling

 CNC Management

 Erection and Planning

 Integration with Optimization Tools




 Order Management

 Inventory Management

 Warehouse Management

 Manufacturing Management

 Bill of Materials

 Scalable Batches

 Good Manufacturing Practices

 Routing Maintenance

 Engineering Change Orders

 Kitting and Assembly

 Production Reporting

 Machine Maintenance

New designs and high cost Raw Material are always the first priority of every Packaging companies. Success of such companies are made by innovative designs, well maintanance and trust. For having a streamlined supply chain, Production Flexibility and automating business processes an ERP is essentialy required.

RealSoft ERP gives you complete control over a Packaging company's business operations. It also helps to provide better services to customer. It gives real time access to critical business information for making accurate and timely decisions. RealSoft ERP enables complete integration of projects with inventory management and Financial Accounting features. RealSoft is completely customizable and fits the unique operations of packaging industry's business operations of making labels, flexible packaging, Material Extrusion etc.

Coral Business Solutions dealing RealSoft ERP which has excellent implementation record since last 10 years in GCC nations. RealSoft is well known for its modules like Finance, Trading, Contracting, Job Costing, Manufacturing, CRM, Real Estate, Pharmacy, Retail POS etc. RealSoft is a best and economic solution for mid sized companies which you can expand as your company grows.



 Work Order Management

 Design Master

 Production Process Mapping

 Rollnumber wise Raw Material Tracking

 Process wise Resource Allocation

 Logistics Management

 Order and Resource Analysis

 Resource Utilization

 Production Console

 Power Consumption reports for Process

 Employee Scheduling

 Asset Management

 Material management

 Complete quality control in one package



 User Friendly Dashboard

 Custom Shortcuts for ease of access

 Smart Linking

 Provision to define Process

 Batch Processing / Individual Process Defining

 Summarized Analysis Reports

 Allocation provision for Machines with Processes

 Process Related Reports

 Process-wise costing reports

 Power Consumption reports for Process

 Management Systems for decision supporting

 Custom Triggers and Alerts

 Items allocation for each process with a provision to define wastage


Hardware & Tools ERP


Realsoft is everything you need to manage your inventory. Realsoft ERP for Hardware and Tools focus on every minute details on your inventory. We can reduce you overhead and maximize your inventory turns. In fact, if you are looking for a top notch Manufacturing ERP for managing Hardwares and tools, you are in the right place. We know inventory movements beter than you!



 Order Management

 Inventory Management

 Warehouse Management

 Manufacturing Management

 Bill of Materials

 Scalable Batches

 Good Manufacturing Practices

 Routing Maintenance

 Engineering Change Orders

 Kitting and Assembly

 Production Reporting

 Machine Maintenance

ERP for Food and Beverages


Integrated ERP Software Solution in Dubai for Food & Beverage Chains. Realsoft ERP helps manufacturers to improve their overall business processes. Our ERP system understands the current challenges faced by different industries. ERP software provides features like Compare pricing and compatibility data, financial management, production management, supply chain management, materials management, sales order management, and customer relationship management (CRM) and more. Our software automates your supply chain management and makes more flexible to handle the distribution. Manage Real-time data of Production, Sales, and Distribution. Easily manage your supplier lot information from the beginning of manufacturing to the final product. Quality assurance and management is also a great factor Realsoft ERP has a proven record of providing effective ERP solutions across the industry.



 Provision to define process

 Batch processing/ individual process defining

 Items Allocation for each process

 Bill of materials

 Provision to define wastage

 Man/Machine allocation for each process

 Machine maintenance

 Product Costing

 Process related reports

 Process- wise costing reports

 Production reporting

 Recipe and Formula Management

 Material and Package Costing

 Bi- Directional Lot Traceability and Lot Recall

 Allergen Management

 Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

 Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

 Quality Assurance (QA)

 Quality Control (QC)

 Supplier/ Vendor Management

 Manufacturing (BOM) on Issue/Receipt, Direct Receipt & Lot Bases


Powerful Dashboard


Extended Dash Board makes Coral Solutions live and informative. Dash Board contain alerts, triggers, user messages, KPIs, metrics, charts, trends and data visualizations and ticketing support. Drilling down from dash board gives you quick access to the data. The functionality of this Dashboard can again be customized as per the users' roles & preferences.

Powerful Dashboard


Manufacture according to the current trend in the market
Ensure entire compliance to the food safety regulations
Comprehensive quality check
Lot expiry and stock management
Lot Traceability and Lot Recall

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