What is Realsoft ERP?

RealSoft is a complete ERP for the companies of any size and activity. It automates and integrates all divisions of business and facilitate it's smooth functioning. Installation of Realsoft ERP, The Complete ERP Package, will be a wise decision if you want to take your business to newer heights.

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Empower your people with powerful tools.

That's where we come in. The role-tailored experience of Realsoft ERP gives your people access to information. The right information. And, when your people get their hands on data specific to their day-to-day jobs they get started quickly, become more productive and more efficient even faster than before.

Work Flow Definition

This is a powerful feature to automate your complete operation. Workflow definition ensures “the right work is brought in the right sequence at the right time to the right people.” It is a tool designed to facilitate and automate business processes that require tasks to be performed by people. Workflow allows process owners to keep an eye on deadlines, provides statistics on the length of time to complete work processes, determine the workload with regard to individual employees and save processing time.

Realsoft ERP Module

Finance & Accounting

Purchase & Inventory

Material Procurement

Estimation / BOQ / Budget Entry

Job Costing

Material Cost

Man Power Cost

Plant & Machinery Cost

Sub Contractor Cost

Human Resource

Time Sheet & Payroll

Fixed Asset Management

Misc. Cost Job Revenue/Sales

Job Revenue

Cost Control & Alerts

Security and Administration

Smart Linking

Coral CRM

CRM is a business process in which client relationship, Customer Loyalty and Brand Value are built through marketing strategies and activities. Coral CRM allows the business to develop long term relationship with established and new customers while helping stream line corporate performance. Coral CRM is a business software that helps in identifying, understanding and providing better service for your customers while building a relationship with each customer to improve customer satisfaction and maximise profits. Coral CRM acts as a powerful tool for managers to take quick business decisions.

Complete Automation

Coral CRM is for your complete sales automation by adding sales persons, agents, prospect customers, recording customer enquiries with all details, enquiry matching search, enquiry source and mode, assigning enquiries to sales people, enquiry follow up and its history, enquiry follow up reminder alerts, enquiry listing, enquiry status, hot enquiries, Sales people appointments tracking, due date alerts, auto call notice, auto reminder notice, sales analysis etc.

Connect with your Customers

Coral CRM helps you to store information about the customers and their interactions. Coral CRM aims to improve services provided to customers, and to effectively use customer details for targeted marketing.

  • User wise information
  • Unlimited plan configuration for sales, support and other departments.
  • Full Customer information facility
  • Multi level reports for daily summary, current progress, monthly target etc.
  • User wise monitoring to find out efficiency of each user.
  • Full Customer information facility
  • Comprehensive Contact Module
  • Maintenance and Service Module
  • Customer Support System (CSS) Module
  • Integrated with mail System
  • Fully Customizable
  • Individual complaint or request tracking
  • Integrated with Realsoft ERP to get relevant information.
  • Facility to work in single system for travelling sales men and supporting people.
  • Quick updation of offline information to the corporate data.
  • Various Levels of alert to avoid losing of minute information.
  • Multiple levels of plans that can be created according to the requirement.

RealSoft Trading

RealSoft Trading® -- The Complete Trading ERP Application, a leading edge trading solutions and scheduling programs for the global trading industry. Our innovative software empowers trading companies with ground-breaking scheduling program and document management system that maximizes the productivity and saves time. Our dashboard scheduling system is an innovative program and our resource planning package replaces whiteboards and multiple spreadsheets with electronic whiteboards. RealSoft Trading enables users to take appropriate decisions for the operations quickly and hassle free.

RealSoft Trading is a powerful industry vertical which is applicable for all kind of trading and service providing companies. Realsoft's use of innovative technology allows us to build a suitable solution that combine ease of use with a robust tracking and scheduling tools that can meet the demands of any commercial trading firm and can be incorporated into varied type of companies.

Document Inheritance

Document Inheritance is yet another powerful feature in CBS Document management. It enables user to work with documents conveniently even if it carries large volume of MIS information. This feature makes Coral Solutions simple and powerful. It saves users time by enabling them to create all the associated documents just in a click. And, this facility can help the company in completely eliminating the manual error which can occur when the details and figures are re entered.

Document Authorization

This allows you to delegate authority to different levels of users and to restrict access by different document authorization levels. It helps the company to follow a paperless approval system and assure the transparency across the departments. The organization can also setup its rules for receiving alerts & request for the approval when anything exceptional happens at the user level documents. It helps the managers to approve the documents even when they are away from office.

RealSoft Trading

  • Customized work flow management System
  • Cost centre wise analysis of revenue and expenses
  • Inventory wise and amountwise Budgeting & Variance
  • Multi dimensional cost centre allocation
  • Inventory level allocation of cost centres
  • Graphical presentation of revenue & expenses
  • Multi level electronic document authorization
  • Management of PDCs
  • Automated Landing Cost for import purchases
  • Intelligent dashboard system for alerts and triggers
  • Multi user-currency-documentation for operational documents
  • Internal messaging system for the users
  • Interactive system reports
  • Compatibility with external devices
  • Enquiry Follow up
  • Quotes & Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Import & Local Purchase
  • Extended Sales Invoice
  • Invoice Designer
  • Cost Centrewise Leger Analysis
  • HR & Payroll
  • PDC Management
  • Integrated Accounts & Finance
  • Fixed Assets
  • Cheque Printing