ERP for Bakery Industry

RealSoft is a total bakery management software solution for FMCGs and industries engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of food, beverages, chocolates, cookies, etc., on a wide scale. Bakeries can use the integrated van sales and delivery app to distribute items and manage all the operations on-the-go.

An ERP for bakery industry acts as a one-stop solution to handle the production, packing, order processing, route planning, and accounting requirements of a bakery. The delivery app is integrated with a robust ERP solution so that a user can control all the operations of a bakery effectively and remotely. Managing production, timely delivery, and order processing in real-time are critical parts of profitability for a bakery. Bakeries can generate real-time statistics and MIS reports from the ERP dashboard to remain competitive in the business.

bakery management software solution

Bakery Management Software Functions

  • Reduce Wastage
  • Streamline Operations
  • Generate MIS Reports
  • Control Expiries
  • Optimize Routes & Delivery
  • Automate Order Processing
  • Automated Reorder System
  • Real-time Inventory Controls
  • Smart Recipe & Formulas
  • Track & manage Customer
  • Generate Financial Reports
  • Set Dynamic Rate Masters
  • Provides QR / Barcode Scanning


  • Mobile Delivery App
  • Support Multiple Payment Systems
  • Map Integration & Customer Tagging
  • Alert for Missed Deliveries
  • Real-time & Offline Syncing
  • Track Delivery Performance
  • Gain Visibility
  • Improves Production Efficiency
  • Build Better Customer Relations
  • Generate Reports on-the-go
  • Provides Dynamic Sales Choice
  • Send In-app Delivery Notifications
  • Maintain Assets & Machinery
  • Enables Cross-departmental Collaboration
  • Facilitates Dynamic Next-day Orders


  • Automation
  • Digital data
  • Integrated Van Sales App
  • Route Optimization
  • Supply Chain
  • Recipe Integration
  • Intelligent Production Planning
  • Inbuilt Financial Accounting
  • Expense Tracker
  • Stock Control
  • Distribution Planning
  • Journey Planning
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Online & Offline Syncing
  • Map Integration
  • Delivery Scheduling
  • Location Tagging
  • Rate Master
  • Dynamic Rate Fixing
  • Prepaid & Direct Sales
  • VAT-enabled
  • Customer-wise Rates
  • Shop-wise Rates
  • Integrate Handheld Printers
  • Barcode & QR code Scanning
  • In-app Notifications
  • Electronic Delivery Notes & Receipts
  • Offline Syncing
  • Sales Summary Reports
  • Van Capacity Planning

Why RealSoft ERP for Bakery Industry?

RealSoft ERP for bakery business is a comprehensive package with numerous features and functionalities tailor-made for foodstuff manufacturing industries. It empowers users to improve bakery’s production and deliver systematically. It uses advanced features like barcode and QR code scanner, electronic signatures, emails, SMS, OTP, digital order processing, etc., to make the delivery interaction faster. The automation tools and interactive features will allow bakeries to process more transactions and improve delivery performance.

Asset maintenance is a vital task in a bakery, and the assets may include machinery, vehicles, and other equipment with ease. It helps ensure quality and proper supply items of without chaos. The delivery app permits the salesperson to sync data, invoice, and process orders in real-time.

Bakery software provides intelligent ways to maintain a bakery inventory with dynamic reports, forecasts, and insights. The proper purchasing of raw materials, delivery, order processing, etc., make the inventory management process effective. The ERP software for bakeries enables a business to stock up items in the inventory without messing up the production capacities. Therefore, bakeries and other food manufacturing industries will not face bottleneck situations or excess stocking

Synchronizing data at the right time is crucial to a fast-paced business like bakeries and other foodstuff manufacturing industries. Items in a bakery have short shell life that put the bakery in continuous production mode. With the offline and online syncing facility in van sales app, drivers and salespeople can sync data to the central ERP server whenever they connect their mobile devices to a Wi-Fi connection or identifies a mobile network. It, therefore, smoothens inter-departmental connectivity and improves productivity. The entire data process in the offline mode gets synced when they connect the device to the internet.

The interactive dashboard of the ERP software for bakeries lets users generate and view multilevel reports based on sales, deliveries, production, payments, dues, credits, raw materials, vehicle-usage, etc. These reports enable bakeries and other food manufacturing companies to prepare for demand planning, process raw materials and operate efficiently.

Van sales app is a great tool to manage the complete front-end operations of a bakery business. These operations may include delivery, route planning, order processing, returns, workflow designing, location tagging, e-signatures, invoicing, and many more. The app keeps data synced between departments in real-time for improving the overall efficiency and productivity of the bakery business. It improves the processing speed of the bakery operations that otherwise are time-consuming and effortful.

Recipe planning and production optimization allow bakeries to reduce wastage and deliver order precisions. The AI-enabled software eliminates multiple recipe complexities and makes accurate forecasting. ERP for bakeries supports users to track expiry dates and replace items at the earliest. It helps them process returns and damages and creatively plan production capacity, schedules, and deliveries

Delays and confusions in order processing can cause downtime, loss of money, and deteriorating reputations for bakeries. ERP software for bakeries ensures real-time syncing and processing of orders into the central database. The salesman/driver can mark returns and record next-day orders for faster production processing and demand planning. The software also has several features to manage expiries and track item-wise, department-wise, shop-wise, and vehicle-wise orders.

The sales module of van sales app allows a salesperson to deliver and sell items at a dynamic price. The driver can use handheld devices, accept cash, and initiate the credit for payments. The bakery management software is VAT-enabled making it convenient and practical for everyday accounting. The company can create a rated master for use and let a salesman sell items with rate difference without affecting the actual margin. The user also can generate multiple reports based on customers, shops, deliveries, missed deliveries, etc.

Route planning is a vital module in ERP software for bakeries. It helps a company to plan and set dynamic routes to deliver items. The solution lets users integrate maps for better route management. Tagging customers and their locations, generating reports based on delivery, optimized distribution chains, and prepare loads for the van, analyzing van capacity, and allocating drivers are some of the critical factors of bakery management software.

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