Construction & Contracting Companies are in Apprehension | VAT in GCC

GCC construction market was challenging enough till mid-2017 due to continued uncertainty surrounding government spending. According to MEED’s research reports, everything was brightening and everything was on the right track.

This is the scenario where VAT is going to hit GCC Market. Introduction of VAT will have a huge impact on Construction & Contracting companies.

Will VAT affect you?

Businesses which provide taxable goods or services with annual revenue of more than Dh375, 000 will be required to register for VAT. Businesses with tax­able supplies below Dh375, 000 but over Dh187, 500 will have the option to register for it.

Again Registering for VAT is not the end, every company must calculate and include Value Added Tax in their every activity including invoicing. Surely it will be a tedious task for the managers and accounts department. This is where ERP Comes

Construction & Contracting | VAT Enabled ERP

Already, contractors are sending out letters stating clearly that all prices mentioned are subject to revision in a post-VAT situation. RealSoft ERP system incorporates best practices within a specific industry or in general. RealSoft VAT Enabled ERP has already adapted with the scenario.

Contracting already needs a powerful application for the construction business, RealSoft already covers everything and the application is equipped to manage construction Project management software and Cost control for the project execution with its key modules within the scheduled estimate. It also enables the company to manage the operations more organized with efficient methods.



Realsoft Interior and fitout ERP is the perfect choice for all needs of Interiors contractors to manage the high volume, complexity and rapid delivery of projects of contractor management software.


Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing ERP software for your MEP contracting business. With the growth of construction industries worldwide, the construction supply chain MEP business grows along.

Most innovative Construction ERP Software. Construction and engineering industry in Dubai had a great challenge in obtaining information for the efficient management of resources and projects.

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