Should you change your ERP Software

It is essential to have the right Business Management Software in place to manage a business efficiently. The system must give access to real-time business management data and should be a scalable one as your business expands. The system right now you are using may not be meeting those needs or may not be able to support the growth and innovation that are part of your expansion plans.

Here are a few reasons to be considered when planning to change your existing system with one that is better able to support your business needs.

  • Poor MIS reporting:

An ERP software which is not having an efficient MIS reporting can’t give you proper information that is required for business analysis and decision making. Decision makers become frustrated due to the lack of convenient access to the information they need about their business. An efficient ERP software will have a Management Information System (MIS) incorporated with it and the purpose is to provide the business critical information which plays a vital role in taking decisions accurate and fast

  • Lack of Scalability:

When your company is growing it will require an ERP which can accommodate your needs and makes your business process simple. Such an ERP software is called scalable one. An ERP software which is not scalable may derail your entire processes and ultimately you will be landed up in huge losses both in terms of money and time

  • Lack of user-friendliness:

A software which is not user-friendly will be hard to use or inflexible. This will lead the end users into trouble in using the system and hence affects total information flow within the organization. Companies experiencing this kind of issues should find and install a system that is flexible enough to use.

  • High Operating cost:

An ERP software which is not industry-specific will require a lot of customizations to meet your business requirements and it will increase your total IT spending. Purchasing an ERP which is industry specific will be an advantage because it requires less implementation time and customization cost.

  • Lack of Support Services:

Start thinking of changing the existing ERP software especially when the vendor discontinued the product and withdrawn all related support services for a long time. Another case is that even though the support is available the issues will not be dealt with efficiently. It is high time to change your existing ERP Software if you are experiencing any of these issues. It is not easy to take the decision to change the existing ERP Software but sometimes it can be crucial to your survival.

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