How to Choose Best ERP Solution

Implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can be a game changer for your organization.
A good ERP solution can help you integrate the workings of different sections of your company facilitating seamless cross-functional integration and improving efficiency while reducing costs and mitigating risks.
An integrated ERP system makes vital information accessible at your finger tips and gives your business
a competitive edge. Identifying the correct ERP software package and a good implementation partner plays a pivotal role in ensuring that you get a solution that is best suited for your company’s growing requirements.

With the amount of options available in the market today, choosing the best ERP system for your business can seem a little overwhelming. Here are a few tips and strategies that will help you make the right decision:

1. Evaluate Experience: When hiring an ERP consultant for your requirements, evaluate their experience. The requirements of different industries and types of business are different. Make sure the company understands your particular business needs and has experience with companies of a similar size in your particular industry.

2. Check whether you can get a trial demonstration: Some companies allow you to try limited features of their software before you make a purchase decision. This helps you get a feel of the interface, evaluate ease of usability and make a valuable first impression.

3. Check for ease of usability: Along with examining the features of a particular software, it is important that you ensure that the system can be used easily by your staff. A complicated system can result in you having to spend big money on training costs and even after training your employees may not feel motivated enough to use the system effectively. It is good to involve heads of various departments in the decision making process.

4. Ensure flexibility: Make sure that the system you acquire is flexible enough to fit with your existing processes and your future growth plans. An ERP system needs to be thought of as a long term investment that will play a key role in helping your company achieve business goals.

5. Check security features: Your ERP system is going to be the information nerve centre of your company. Restricting access to the different sections of this information to authorized users only is crucial to protect your business data.

6. Ask for references: Once you have evaluated the features of the product and looked at the vendors experience, you can ask them for client references. Calling up clients and asking them about the software and the support they have got from the ERP solution provider will help you gauge their competence and commitment. If possible try to get references from clients who are in a similar line of business as yours.

7. Remember bigger doesn’t always mean better: A Microsoft or SAP may have a robust solution but a smaller company may be able to provide you the same set of features and be more willing to work with you to customize it to your business needs. That is because your business is crucial to their existence.

Go ahead, get a qualified ERP solution provider in UAE to implement a new generation ERP system and take your business to the next level.

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