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CRM Software

A CRM Software is a technological innovation that streamlines all sales-associated processes in an organization that includes lead generation, inquiry assignments, customer handling, proposals & deals, after-sales support, and sales plan analysis and review. The primary aim of CRM solution involves converting leads into break-through deals, retaining satisfied clients, and offering prompt solutions to new customers.

RealSoft is the best CRM software in Dubai that compiles ultra-modern technologies with industry experience and produces a highly proactive and intelligent solution that synchronizes and simplifies the selling process. We configured CRM software using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, BPM, BI, unique Algorithms and Architectures, etc.

CRM software Dubai uses powerful tools to accelerate the efficiency of the sales team and delivers a better customer experience. It helps in retaining their relationship and repeated business. The CRM solution has inbuilt tools for running influential multilevel marketing campaigns and reaching the right audience for generating quality leads. Our CRM software in UAE is custom-made and suits all industries. It provides an intelligent mechanism that allows the user to define custom Business process management and produce actionable business forecasts and insights.

Functions of Marketing Software

Features of CRM Software in UAE

Advantages of CRM Solutions

RealSoft CRM

RealSoft CRM software Dubai is a creative solution that offers multiple mechanisms to manage customers, sales, staff, and marketing activities. The software helps a user to manage project scope variance, submit and exchange progressive project reports, and keep a better relationship with customers.

We have a fully customizable solution and the best CRM software in UAE, offering comprehensive training, state-of-the-art troubleshooting and backend support, and an ROI-promised application experience. The modules in a CRM solution empowers an organization to make the best out of leads and convert them into opportunities. The best CRM software in Dubai produces multilevel sales reports.

The CRM Solution aims to provide interactive tools to handle various processes in the sale life cycle effectively. With the support of advanced technology, the CRM software can be accessed from the cloud, mobile application, or use on-premise systems.

The centralized database stores and produces automated analytical reports and insights for monitoring and review purposes. The best CRM software in Dubai helps a company align its marketing strategies and sales according to the trend analysis reports and forecasts generated by the CRM software.

CRM Software Modules


The accounting module of the best CRM software in Dubai will let a user review the financial reports at regular intervals or on-demand. Users will be able to track every transaction and control them for financial discipline and analysis. The software will also deliver real-time notification and interactive alerts for efficient handling of accounts.

HR & Payroll

The HR management module will automate all the critical tasks of managing payroll, allowances, performance bonuses, incentives, and more. The proper use of the module will eliminate the gap and create a sustainable atmosphere for employees. The user can access all such information and functions remotely from anywhere


CRM software Dubai offers scheduled follow up and tracking of inquiries and leads. It acts as a sales pipeline that produces detailed sales analysis reports, records customer behavior, keeps a centralized customer data and communication history, and sustain a profitable business. The software sends interactive notifications and alerts base on hot inquiries, follow-ups, appointments, and marketing


Marketing CRM software in UAE also acts as a central solution to manage customer appointments, customer complaints, marketing campaigns, business deals, reporting, sales planning, and lead management. A marketing software offers salient features to users that include the generation of one-click reports and analytical data. The CRM solution has intelligent ways to identify and propose quality leads that help the sales team to act faster.

Reporting & Analytics

he best CRM in Dubai uses sophisticated tools to produce intelligent reports and analytical data that empower a manager to execute vital and wise decisions on time. The users can utilize the data to plan better for the year ahead on par with the forecasts and insights.


A CRM solution allows an organization to track leads from various sources and allocate them to a respective sales-man or sales officer automatically. Organizations can personalize business process management (BPM) and define unique roles and responsibilities to users.

Customer Support

Organizations can now deliver customer support at the sales-level, project-level, and after-sales. The marketing software offers instant customer support, faster quotations, improved negotiation space, and easy deal closure at the sales-level. The CRM solution also delivers post-sales service to customers and helps managing AMCs, troubleshooting, ticketing, and complaint management.

RealSoft is one of the best ERP software in GCC having 4000+ successful product implementations.

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