CRM (customer relationship management) is a software designed to give the sales team better control over the sales activities. It provides them with proper tools and provisions to keep track of their sales inquiries, leads, conversions, businesses, sales, customers, and volumes hassle-free.

RealSoft offers a better CRM experience to its customers by integrating the application into its database. RealSoft being a cloud-enabled technology exploits the possibilities of the solution and provides mobile access to the customers where they can access and utilize the data anytime, anywhere.

CRM is a must-have investment if you run a business of any sort as CRM focuses on giving better customer experience and streamlining entire customer interactions. RealSoft CRM enables companies to develop and manage better customer associations using CRM technology, sales automation, and up-to-date communication history. It also supports the business with data sharing facility which combines sales, marketing, customer, and volume information.

Benefits of CRM

A CRM can be handled effectively for email campaigns about prospective products and services, offers, announcements, and to send any segmented information to clients and customers.

CRM being a customer-facing application intensifies the positive experience of customers with faster response time and spontaneous data.

CRM facilitates more natural communication with the customer or prospects, as the sales officer receives real-time data of the services or products, stock and inventory, job progress, and other deliverables on his fingertips.

CRM, when integrated into the best ERP software like REALSOFT, ensures better forecasting, accurate planning, and improved sales functionalities that include sales tracking, customer information, service types, pipeline management, marketing campaigns, and maintaining prospective customers and products.

Integration of ERP and CRM

Though both ERP and CRM are separate entities with different functional scopes, if integrated, it would bring in unparalleled results to the sales and the business as a whole.

CRM acts as a front-end tool to manage your customer-related information, including the customer type, the number of inquiries, leads collected, sales transformed, and business volume. An ERP acts as a backend tool delivering real-time information to the sales guy with the stock, progress, discounts, and much other relative information.

The integration of CRM and ERP decreases data duplication and the necessity to verify both databases for relevant information. As an integrated solution would provide complete control over the information it has in its database, it easy for quickly responding to inquiries, feedback, complaints, and comments.


 A CRM is customer-centric and sales metric focused, which results in stable and accurate forecasting of the sales trends and information, and delivers better analytical data and reports.

It gives excellent sales visibility, more effortless customer interaction, and conversions. It accelerates response time, increases competence, and urges prompt decision-making skills.

An integrated CRM assists in direct sales closure with the customer using its real-time data and knowledge of customer behavioral patterns.

Centralization of data allows the user to access information on customers, sales details, inquiries, order history, etc. and provide instant and better support to the customer. This would help in producing a stronger forecasting and customer trend analysis.

Inter-departmental collaboration is another major highlight of the solution as it provides the ability to work without cross-departmental headaches as information is available across departments.

In all the businesses, customer experience is the most influential factor despite how well your product and services are. Therefore, it is high time to invest and maintain CRM software to make the best out of sales activity. It will ensure that the customer is well managed from the inquiry to the sale’s closure and until the invoice paid to the feedback received. CRM bridges the gap in current sales and stands as a deciding factor between future deals and customer satisfaction.

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