We designed RealSoft’s customer view portal with a futuristic concept allowing the users to experience a complete web-based, personalized, and interactive self-service options. The customer view portals are often considered as a preferred means of communication by many clients, as they do not wish to directly interfere with people sometimes yet require all service-related queries and questions answered through the portal. The portal will also help them avoid all kinds of unwanted email communications and telephone follow-ups.

A customer view portal enables customers, suppliers, and users to maintain an account with login credentials and user management controls. The portal provides them with user-friendly dashboards, easy navigations, and many other self-service options.

Customers are looking for real-time data and insights on many of the major areas or services which includes the following tasks;

  • Personalized profile management
  • User access controls
  • Document sharing
  • Knowledgebase
  • Order management
  • Financial management
  • Sales and inventory
  • Self-service
  • Real-time access to information

Customers are also expecting the portal to find answers to many questions. They will also prefer to complete their payment transactions through the customer view portals, submit tickets or track support, read and upgrade their product knowledge and operational skills.

The customer view portal would also deliver up-to-date information to the customers with regards to their orders, invoices, and deliverables.

Collaborative process: – Customer view portal is a collaborative process where the user, customer, or supplier are logging onto a single page or account to view and manage the business transactions. They can raise new RFQs, solve disputes, know the progress of the job order, and save time from unnecessary calls and emails.

Account Management: – The user can manage their accounts with ease. The portal would also send timely notifications on Enquiry, Quotation, LPO, Sales Order, Delivery Reports, Invoices, Payments, Disputes, or any other actions.

We call this self-service facility as a customer account/activity management platform. It acts as a one-stop solution for all their interactions. Many customer view portals offer customers to personalize their pages with their logos, photographs, and other details. This portal would also act as an independent platform, where they would be able to perform tasks without much dependencies and assistance. All the business processes associated with customer engagement are integrated into this portal, making it easier to work. The portal creates a business environment for the customer as well as the supplier to send and receive nearly real-time information about pending tasks, documentation, orders, and payments. They can also collect and go through the activity history of each project or job. These can be downloaded or exported as reports, thereby eliminating the continuous and frustrated search in the messy email inboxes. Customer view portals turn out to be an omni-channel for communications and traceability.

Customers can visit the portal to request for various documentation and reports using the inbuilt tools in the dashboard. Viewing order histories, checking order status, placing new orders, and exporting receipts and confirmation are some of the basic features in our customer view portal.

A user can access reports on inventory, manufacturing information, packaging information, supporting documents, and other information through the portal without waiting for someone to email these details or trying to contact someone over the phone.

Customer View Portals are channels of collaboration and a direct line of communication with your customers and suppliers. This would allow the customers to learn more about the transparency of you organization. Both parties can take active role in the purchase or sales process, and proactively view details of the work orders, job progress, and financial details in a common platform.

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