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    Your website is far more than just another marketing tool, it’s an extension of your business and a member of your sales team. With more business taking place online than ever before, it’s crucial for business owners to have a web presence working for them around the clock. For larger companies, a website is an integral tool which plays a major role in the relationship between you and your customers. Take Your Business to a New Level with us.


    • The website represents your business or your organization.
    • The website gives the opportunity to tell customers about your business and services.
    • The website is worth more than physical store/showroom, it will be available to customers 24/7.
    • Website not only advertises your product or gives information about your business but also helps in the sale and profit of the business
    • The website is a cost-effective and convenient medium to keep in touch with your potential buyers. Customers can quickly and easily give feedback on your product.


    A simple website design which is quite cost effective and a great starter for business who wants to post simple information about their company information. It mainly works for a Small business owned by an individual. This type of website is very useful for expanding the market of the company with its information and appearance through the internet. As it is cost effecting any client with a limited budget can use this for expanding their market.

    A static website consists of a number of web pages with fixed content. Static sites are the most basic type of website, for sites with a short lifespan and few content updates.

    Benefits of a static website include:

    • Cost efficient
    • Easier to create and host
    • Well suited to smaller companies that do not require regular content updates
    • We use latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3.


    Whatever industry that you may be in be it real estate, healthcare, educational, News portal, travel agency, restaurant or any other business; one thing is sure that you need to create an idea about your product, service or cause. All businesses websites that are enterprise grade in functionality and conform to industry standards in design, content, navigation and reflect the professional quality of the enterprise and its workforce.

    For larger websites or ones where content is updated regularly, a dynamic website with a content management system would be the preferred choice. Easy to add and manage content with the help of CMS (Content Management System). Usually favored by search engines as content can be updated frequently.

    Benefits of a static website include:

    • Content Management Systems
    • Creative Web Design
    • Mobile-ready Web design
    • Social Media Integration
    • Quality And Performance Check
    • Online Chat & more

    We use CMS such WordPress, Joomla, DLE.


    WordPress is the most popular content management system used worldwide, easy and full control over the content.

    • WordPress Installation or Upgrade
    • Custom graphic design
    • Plugins and features
    • Search engine friendliness
    • Full control with Widgets
    • Upgraded commenting
    • Audio & Video enhancement
    • Social Bookmarking


    Second most used content management system on the internet after WordPress.

    • Responsive Website
    • Custom themes
    • SEO Friendly


    • Updating website content (text, links, images etc)
    • Fixing errors
    • Adding images, alt tag
    • Adding hyperlinks to other sites
    • Adding email addresses/links
    • Adding Google Maps
    • Document uploading and PDF creation
    • Updates to news, calendars, events and image galleries
    • Enhancements to improve site load time
    • CMS Version update
    • Website backups
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