Discrete Manufacturing

RealSoft is a full-featured ERP software solution for discrete manufacturers that handles scheduling, development, and manufacturing needs, etc. Our solutions aid you remain top of your business by managing superiority and competence. The ERP software for discrete manufacturers will record every part for engine assembly, formulate a necessary material plan, production schedules, and make smarter decisions to satisfy client demand professionally.

 Accurate planning is essential for all stages of manufacturing. It could be the creation of a list of raw materials, tools, components, measurements, and bill of materials related to it. Every section and task should be evaluated, tracked, and final reports have to be made. A report generation tracks the process plan for each product.

Serial numbers are associated with every product. There may be batch numbers too. If the products meet the desired quality and are certified, RealSoft will notify the certification authority and compliance reports will be produced. The software expands functioning efficiency, increasing global demand, and dipping lead time as well as operational overheads.

The burden of both machines and employees has to be diminished as well. Because we need a smooth working of them to attain our objectives. The software functionality brings a whole solution for discrete manufacturers across diverse trades and gives the proper balance of manufacturing principles, time-phased requirements, and on-time delivery.

Manufacturing Software Highlights

Dynamic BOM and routing definition with BOM tree structure
Confirming production plan through Sales and Operation Planning (SOP) and resource planning at item group level
Consolidating demand through master scheduling from various sources like sales order, production plan, new projects, etc
Centralized supply planning integrated with Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP)
Master Production Scheduling (MPS) & RCCP to finalize the independent items requirements
Forward and backward scheduling
Finite and infinite capacity planning
Action and exception messages in Material Requirements Planning (MRP) for optimized material plan
Provision of online item availability
Production order rescheduling, rework order and direct order generation based on shop floor reporting and urgent / new order
Effective WIP management
Control point reporting for repetitive manufacturing
Engineering change management & project management
Flexible and configurable functional workflow
Order rescheduling and labor reporting

Key Process

Tools requirement planning can be mapped to BOM
Infinite and finite capacity
SOP to balance demand & supply
Resource planning to check whether resources are available to meet the SOP
Rough cut capacity planning to identify critical resources
MRP to explode the BOM, net quantity finalization, lead time calculation
Detailed amount of labor and machine resources defined in CRP
Production order can be generated without any planning (manual)
Sub contracting can be carried out to resolve capacity constraints in-house
ECR & ECO to keep track of engineering changes
Master scheduling consolidates the demand from sales orders, production plan, replenishment order, service order for certain time period

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