Government Services

UAE is such a country that encourages businesses and businessmen alike. Once the business is set up, there are formalities and legalities as well as corporate compliances you need to adhere to despite your company’s turnover, size, and the number of employees. Realsoft is an ERP software that allows you to manage all your government and general services through its user-friendly and feature-rich dashboards.

RealSoft has intelligently collaborated with external libraries to make it convenient for you to manage business easily. Real-time updates, notifications, reminders, and alerts are some of the features you need desperately to monitor your business’s legal compliance status. Some of the services you need to take particular care in terms of legal compliance are Insurance Services, Visa / Labor Services, Telecommunication Services, Taxation Services, Tenancy / Property Services, Banking Services, Transport Services, And Customs Services.

Insurance Services

If you are running an insurance company, you need a flexible and structured software to manage the clients, customers, prospects, different insurance types, renewals, terminations, calculations, and many more functionalities. If you are managing a company and have to buy new insurance policies for your assets, employees, or projects, you need an excellent ERP like Realsoft. You will also require to renew policies of varying needs such as employee insurance, workmen compensation policies, project insurance, vehicle insurance, company insurance, indemnities, and many more. Realsoft sends you alerts, notifications, and reminders on when and how to renew the policies. Compile vendor details and choose the best insurance using Realsoft.

 Visa / Labor Services

You will need Realsoft to manage all your visa and labor services. Realsoft is an ERP that can streamline the services for you. Realsoft can help you reduce the tiresome regular office activities of documentation and paper works.

If you are managing a typing center (AMER, TADBEER & TASHEE), Realsoft allows you to efficiently manage visas, customers, multi-accounts, Arabic prints, finance & account modules, HR & Payroll, Sales, reminders, and other features.

Telecommunications Services

Realsoft lets you manage different phases of telecommunication services effortlessly. Sales, marketing, logistics, customer services, and improved operations efficiency can be managed using Realsoft. Real-time integration, financial visibility, asset management, deployment of operational and technological models, increased sales and product revenues, and regulatory compliance risk are some of the highlight features of Realsoft for the telecom sector.

Tenancy / Property Services

Tenancy / Property management is a herculean task as it is very difficult to imaging it managed manually. Handling each and every aspect of a property from tenancy, acquisition, responsibility, asset management, facility management, and maintenance has to be properly overseen and executed to retain the quality and reliability. Realsoft delivers powerful software to handle marketing, accounting, sales, administration, inventory, asset management, and support tracing functions of the property.

Banking Services

Realsoft ERP is tailor-made to create, connect, store, and report various types of banking and accounting transactions with ease. Cash flow management, tracking of receivables and payables, enhanced customer service, PDC payments, analysis and reporting, data privacy, finance & risk management complying with the government rules and policies are some of the key functionalities of the ERP.

Transport Services

To carry out the daily operations of the transportation industry with regards to vehicle and fleet management, Realsoft delivers brilliant features. Logistics, freight, transportation, import, courier management, and fleet tracking are necessary features of an ERP for a transport service industry.

Tax Services

Keep your accounting up-to-date in compliance with the government rules and taxations. Realsoft is a VAT compliant ERP software that allows you to save cost on separate tax accounting and auditing requirements by automating processes, reducing manual data entry burdens, integrating taxing solutions, tax audit assistance, and defining tax compliant costing. The ERP software consists of modules like sales, purchase, finance, production, inventory, and HRMS that are tax compliant.

Customs Services

Customs services in UAE have to be managed carefully to ease up the import and export operations of a business. Our software helps you to properly declare invoices, maintain the history of customs good movements, improve logistic operations, reduce the complexity of creating and transferring export and import documents, maintain document database, audit functionality to find anomalies, tracking, and maintenance of customs claim management, and several other features.

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