Our Solution is suitable for “AMER, TADBEER & TASHEEL” centers. This Application is one of the fastest Documents and Visa Typing Centres and Document Clearing software solutions available in Dubai.  It won’t just help you to do beautiful invoices but will also e-mail them instantly to your clients, even as PDF’s. The solution for mid-sized companies who want to maintain their day to day activities in a systematic way. Your Company can start billing quickly and efficiently without any compatibility concerns. The flexibility of the solution enables you to implement your business decisions and workflow in the system. The powerful workflow management system in the Real Soft powers you to reconfigure the system structure at any point in time. The system is designed in such a way that you will not have to search for information anywhere else. The instant information feature in the system lets you travel through documents from top to bottom.


• Customer Management

• Multi Accounts Posting

• Arabic Screen for Invoicing

• Finance & Accounts

• HR & Payroll

• Sales

• User-friendly

• Reminder Alert

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