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server-solutionsSelecting a server service is one of the most difficult and critical aspects of developing an IT infrastructure. The entire organization’s productivity rests on selecting the right server and service. There are hundreds of confusing choices available in the market, some of which are designed to lure in unsuspecting clients into making incorrect or hasty decisions; decision that can have a grave impact on the organizations performance and overall productivity. All in all it’s a frustrating operating.
We at Coralme make the process easy for you. Our teams of highly skilled professionals provide you with technical assessment of your current IT infrastructure in order to ensure that your server solutions and server management services are ready to meet the long and short term needs of your business. Our IT consultants will tailor a solution to meet your IT infrastructure and server management needs in light of your business requirements.


server-coralAre you concerned with the security of your critical data? Coralme has IT security and support service controls in place to ensure safety and compliance of all your critical business processes. Apart from helping you make the right decisions, we also provide you services to help you establish a secure and viable IT infrastructure. We have experts in all fields of IT communications, so whether it is SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, email archiving, remote monitoring, and servicer management of data recover Coralme is there to help you get the most out of your deal.

Remember we provide you these services and much more on flat monthly fees that fit your budget and are easy on your operational expenses.


server-virtualizationCoralme also offers server virtualization solutions for businesses wishing to make more efficient use of server resources. A virtual server can be divided into multiple isolated virtual server environments – or virtual private servers. Each virtual private server operates independent of the others and can therefore run on its own operating system. Sever virtualization can also improve server availability, assist in disaster recovery, testing and development, and help centralize server administration. Contact an Coralme consultant today to learn more about server virtualization options.


Have you ever wondered why can’t you get your business IT services as easy as you get your Hotmail or Gmail? Well, Coralme has the answer. We partner with the best solution providers on the cloud and deliver their services with our support and gurantee. Whether it’s SharePoint, Exchange, Email Archiving, or remote monitoring and management, Coralme have them covered and on flat monthly fee that fits your budget and cause no spikes in your operational expenses.

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