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expo 2020 dubai exhibition

Expo 2020 Dubai is a prodigious exhibition that will demonstrate the achievements of different countries. The Gulf city has great goals for the event. Expo 2020 theme holds the motto “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” along with the sub-themes of Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity.

Dubai is making a whole new definition of opportunities. They face these complete struggle only to reenergize development for a doable future. Dubai expo 2020 is worthy of its status as it is one of the biggest and the oldest global events.

For the first time, the world expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. This will bring together the extreme of trade, invention, and products from around the world to the United Arab Emirates. The event starts between October 2020 and April 2021. This six-month-long exhibition in Dubai will rejoice culture and association through advanced projects and demonstrations.

What is expo 2020?

world expo 2020 dubai

The expo 2020 is a world fair. The event let the world as a universal platform to show discoveries in science, architecture, and technology connected fields, share thoughts, promote cultural exchange, and plan the strategies for an advanced future.

The festival of human creativity has now become more of a significant global platform that invites every country to contribute great ideas. Over the years, the world expos have altered paths to replicate the lively vibes of our growing world. This contains catching the budding skills gap and serving to fight unemployment. The world fair calls around 180 nations to attend with an expectation of millions of visitors from all over the world.

The following are some of the most beautiful pavilions that feature unique nations where you can experience a diverse culture.

  • UAE

UAE pavilion

The UAE Pavilion is designed by architect Santiago Calatrava which locates in the middle of the 200-hectare exhibition zone. Expo 2020 location and architecture are a major part of an exhibition. Calatrava’s design is inspired by the shape of a falcon in flight, the national bird of the UAE. The design suggests a 15,000 square meter pavilion with exhibition zones, food and beverage outlets, and VIP lounges, etc.

  • Austria

Austria Pavilion

The Austrian Pavilion highlights how resources can be utilized more thoughtfully in the future. The Viennese architecture firm, Querkraft’s design compares traditional construction materials with current systems. The Austrian pavilion will be lies between the Chinese and Swiss pavilions in the ‘opportunity’ district, which is one of the expo’s three sub-themes. A network of truncated cones will explain the generation patterns of light and shadow. The pavilion will be challenging 180 countries and its planners participating in expo 2020.

  • Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan pavilion

The architecture is a nature-inspired pavilion that is made from a theme of ‘Seeds for the Future’. The pavilion has a leaf-shaped roof that will inspire people to notice the effect of their individual choices and spend in the future now to return stability to our natural world.

Azerbaijan leaf shaped roof Expo 2020 Dubai

The tree and the leaf are the two natural elements that inspired the architects. It is intended to provide a place where visitors can reflect on main concerns connected to acceptable development.

  • China

China Pavillion 2020

The China Pavilion has been crafted with motivation from the traditional Chinese lantern. And the structure is called ‘The Light of China’. The structure will represent hope and a bright future and indicate China’s history as well as culture.

  • Brazil

brazil pavilion

The Brazil pavilion adopts a central square with a tensile construction dipped in water to denote the nation’s rivers and mangroves. Water will be the crucial part both in the design and structure. The pavilion structure is enclosed in a lightweight white fabric. It will have a walkable ‘water-blade’ and reconstruct the backgrounds, noises, and scents of the country’s waterside area.

Dubai Expo 2020 Location

The expo site is situated in the area known as Dubai South, which is close to Al Maktoum International Airport. The site itself covers 4.5 square kilometres. Expo 2020 dates will be from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021. Main places will be linked through a dedicated transport system, which will deliver convenience for the viewers.

Single-day tickets for adults cost around dh120 and a three-day pass will be around dh260. Free admission will be granted only to children aged 5 or below and seniors aged 65 or above. Arrangements are well progressive since the world expo is an admired global celebration that occurs in a diverse host city every five years.

Dubai expo 2020 projects

Projects cost AED156bn are being built across numerous UAE sectors for expo 2020 Dubai. Some of the infrastructure projects are concentrated on the expo village, where members and representatives from around the world will stay during the fair. Emiratis are spreading their skills and hospitality to their largest ever spectators.

Following are a few of the major projects for expo 2020 Dubai:

  • Jewel of the Creek


Get ready to experience high living at the latest project situated between Al Maktoum Bridge, Baniyas Road, and the Floating Bridge. The Jewel of the Creek project will contain a huge waterfront complex, introducing 19-storey apartment constructions, three office towers, two luxury hotels, and a lot more.

  • Aladdin City

Aladdin City

The new Aladdin City project will be implemented by the Dubai Municipality inspired by the mythical story of Aladdin and Sinbad. The project includes three towers featuring commercial and hotel space, extended at a distance of 450 metres. Air-conditioned bridges with a moving floor will connect these triple towers, driveways and parking areas.

  • Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

The project includes a 150m-high, 93m-wide construction being fabricated to resemble a giant picture frame. The frame will demonstrate old Dubai from one side and the view of new Dubai from another.

The expo 2020 has so many amazing features. You’ll see unique pavilions, exhibitions, parks, waterfalls, food outlets and more. There are supreme quality hotels located near the event place for the easy accessibility of guests. Meeting of architects, entertainers, technical creators, business professionals will make expo 2020 extraordinary. Millions of people will show their presence to obtain life-long knowledge and to utilize the employment opportunities by consulting with foreign citizens who are joining the event.

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