Mobile Apps for any essential services are a great blessing for us. Having a mobile ERP will do wonders in business as you have the exact functions and features of a desktop computer on the phone screen.

Mobile ERP is an integrated package of applications that enables you to gain easy access to your business operations and activities. It will permit the user to access all the stored information on the centralized database with ease and empower him to evaluate, decide, and work upon things that require immediate attention and response.

Major Advantages of Using Mobile ERP

Some of the most significant advantages of a mobile ERP over the desktop are as given below.

  • Quick Access
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Cloud storage
  • Prompt Notifications
  • Direct Linking of Social Media
  • Instant Approvals
  • Spontaneous Customer Support
  • Anytime Access and improved workflow
  • System agility

A mobile ERP assists you with real-time notifications and alerts of defined activities, thereby allowing the user to continue instantaneous support to the clients and customers. Supporting the customers faster and better would help you retain them and establish a healthy relationship. The mobile ERP also allows you to access the data and information stored in the database anytime, and such direct access would support you with quick analysis and decision on the reports generated, operational conflicts, and other crucial information.

A mobile ERP would also give you any time entry into business intelligence and enterprise planning. When you have a Mobile ERP like Realsoft, you need not necessarily be in the office. You can access data anytime, anywhere, and enjoy efficient decision-making while in a meeting, at home, or on the road. It eliminated the barriers of a physical location to update the central server with a tiny app on the mobile device.

Improved workflow and quality are other prominent advantages of Mobile ERP. It allows you to directly link data with social media and any other networking platforms quickly. This immediate status and data update to the server through mobile devices would enable other relevant people in the organizational loop to take quick and effective decisions on a sales closure, a solution for a troublesome client, or a spot discount on a quotation.

Highlighted Features of a Mobile ERP

Most important features of a Mobile ERP includes;

  • Automatic Synchronization
  • Instant Reporting
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Device Flexibility

A Mobile ERP allows a user to enjoy improved customer experience which means, the whole business management can understand real-time business/sales information as well as offer improvised customer offers and set priorities. Customer interactions and engagement can be updated instantly and streamlined.

The data updated in the Mobile ERP would be automatically and instantly synchronized and updated in the central server. It would allow the entire team to prepare and plan their works without losing productivity.  Device flexibility is a principal advantage that permits users to obtain data from different devices at their conveniences like a desktop or laptop computer, mobile, tablet, or a web browser to update and view data. This enhanced mobility would boost productivity and efficiency throughout the organization, resulting in a much more organized and structured growth.

Mobile ERPs have become an essential part of businesses nowadays. It is a basic component that drives the workforce and improves productivity across organization. It speeds up the process of automation and thereby enhance the efficiency and profitability. The competitive advantage of the mobile ERP is enjoying the benefit of real-time information on the business that helps to make improved business decisions and better control over the business operations. Turnaround time is decreased and productivity is increased.

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