Transforming Reports, Submissions, and Approvals – Conventional Methods to ERP & Automation

Reports are an unavoidable responsibility as well as an integral part of a business’s success. Handling submission requests and approvals are also vital factors that question the efficiency of a business unless you do not have an in-house ERP system. These are among the core processes that get replicated daily. For some, it is a nightmare. For others, it is a dull, time-consuming, and repetitive task.

Conventional or Manual System

Compared to an ERP-based automation system, a manual system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Though they are time-consuming, the report goes through the minds of the people preparing, submitting, and reviewing it. The employees and the managers will have a clear picture of the statistics even without the papers in hand. Manual reporting makes it mandatory for the core employees to spend time preparing reports. A senior will verify and forward the records to the CEO / MD for final approval.

Report submissions and requests will go through multiple loops before being finalized. Then it would go through other departments to get things done. It is the major drawback of the manual system.

Another advantage is that whenever we forward a document or approval request to the CEO or GM, he will study them carefully to find loopholes and better options. He will have a clear picture of the subject matter. 

Advantages of the manual system include;

  • Input of human-sensible data
  • Accuracy of the information
  • Involvement of employees
  • Transparency of data
  • Increased insights. 

Disadvantages of a manual system may include;

  • Clerical errors
  • Time-consuming
  • Engages valuable resources at the time of need
  • Inconsistency
  • Information prone to leak
  • Frustrated Team

Controlled System

Unlike an ERP software, a controlled system allows the employees or users to play a vital role in the system. It is a process where human interference is applied to control automation. It is both engaging and productive. Users will become more sensible and industrious. They will choose between priority and action. 

When it comes to the basic management tasks of reporting, request submissions, and approvals, controlled systems enable users to choose from the priorities and perform actions. It allows the management to exercise prudent decisions on time rather than approving every request. While generating reports, the managers can pick from relevant and critical information for the senior management, sidelining the least important points. It allows the CEO to make faster and wiser decisions.   

Automation System

Automation eliminates human involvement and speeds up actions. Implementing an ERP can regulate and automate routine tasks. A fully automated ERP system improves productivity, reduces wastage, and enhances operational performance.  

A modern-day ERP allows the top management to review all the organizational matters from a single dashboard. The CEO can customize and utilize his dashboard to analyze the organizational performance at any point in time. He will be able to auto-generate any reports he chooses in a single click. Important notifications, alerts, reminders, and approval requests are available right on his dashboard, with details fetched from the central server. A single click will get things done instantly. Users or employees can upload documents, requests, notes, and any other matters into the ERP in real-time, allowing the CEO to take immediate actions. It eliminates the need for paper files and digitalizes every piece of information.

The most prominent advantages of automated systems are their real-time data syncing capabilities and speed. Purchase requests, material transfer requests, payment requests, etc., would be reviewed and approved quickly. It will reach the respective people in real-time for further actions.

What is your cup of Tea?

Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. What do you think is the best system for better productivity and performance? Vote your voice.

  1. Manual Systems
  2. Controlled Systems
  3. Automated Systems
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