Logistics and Supply Chain


Logistics and Supply Chain Management Software deals with the efficient and effective management of day-to-day activity in producing the company’s finished goods and services. Supply chain management links major business processes to create a higher performance business model that drives competitive advantage.

Our Realsoft Trading ERP Application gives you the power to manage logistics and supply chain with a great user interface. Our Logistics and Supply Chain Management software is one of the best ERP trading software in Dubai.

Our software is designed to accommodate every single and finest detail of your trading need. Realsoft Trading supports every supply chain and logistics management needs. Our Logistics and supply management software is a completely flexible VAT enabled ERP Application module with fully customizable module integrations.


  1. Finance & Accounts
  2. Sales
  3. Purchase
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Logistics Management
  6. HR & Payroll


  • Purchase and Sales Consignment
  • Accounts Module
  • VAT enabled Tax Module
  • Online Ticketing and Support Desk
  • Efficient Management of stored goods
  • Stock Management Alert including out of stock
  • Custom Trigger Alert Settings
  • Minimum Requirement triggers and alerts
  • Online Management using Web Services
  • Fully Flexible ERP Trading Integrated Application
  • Accurate and Reliable Custom Reports and prints
  • Multiple Locations Stock Management and control
  • Different User access levels with Restriction Control
  • Definable Groups/Analytical Fields in Master forms
  • Customer Credit Limit Control using Customer Master
  • Accounts Transactions Analysis using Cost Center
  • Multi-Currency maintainable for each and every Account
  • Manage multiple Vendors/customer with the order details

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