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Headquartered in United Arab Emirates, Coral Business Solutions, a leading supplier of ERP based business software solution and business services to customers in India and middle east region.
Our Software & Services
Our range of business software and services is continually evolving as we constantly innovate. The range includes software to manage your business, run the payroll, plan the business and support your HR function.
Our People
Our business is full of people with passion and energy. Our team includes highly trained people, which includes industry experts, accountants and entrepreneurs who are passionate to deliver the best solution to customers.

Why CORAL BUSINESS Solutions ?

Why US ?

Today, more than ever, organizations want to maximize the business value of their IT investments. Rapid lobalization, demanding customers and shareholders, and intense competition challenge companies to do more with less. Increasingly, decision makers look to technology for innovative solutions to their strategic goals and challenges. To maximize the value of their IT investments, organizations must choose solutions aligned to their business requirements. Adapting and responding quickly to change and enabling future growth require flexible business models and IT platforms. Improving collaboration, streamlining operations, and reducing costs require open applications and solid architectures. CBS's product lines facilitate our customers' needs for differentiation as well as productivity to deliver the greatest results.

Optimizing Business Process

We leverage our extensive experience to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions that empower every aspect of business operations. By using Coral solutions, organizations of all sizes – including small businesses and midsize companies – can reduce costs, improve performance, and gain the agility to respond to changing business needs. Our professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and support.

CBS Products & Services

Coral Business Solutions includes wide variety of software and services which empowers organizations to keep maximum control over operations and to reduce the cost of the business. Coral Business Solutions has the ability and skill sets to provide Enterprises with Consulting and Implementation Services that meets the business needs in addressing critical issues and providing global solutions using unique methodologies and best Business practices. Numbers are usually a good indicator of success. In fact, the desire to increase certain numbers, such as revenues and profits, and decrease others, such as costs, are the primary objective of CBS solutions.

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RealSoft is a complete ERP for the companies of any size & activity. It automates all divisions of business & facilitate it's smooth functioning.



RealSoft Trading provides leading edge trading solutions and scheduling programs for the global trading industries.



RealSoft Contracting provides leading edge contracting solutions and scheduling programs for the global construction industry.



The complete Real Estate ERP Application from Coral integrates intuitive management with complete accounting functions.

Our Company


Headquartered in United Arab Emirates, Coral Business Solutions is a leading supplier of ERP based business software solution and business services to customers across the Middle East and India.


P.O. Box:233356,
Dubai, UAE.
Phone: (+971) 4 2679010
Coral Tower, Near Govt. Hospital,
Aluva, Cochin. Kerala, India - 683101.
Office: +91 484 2629010
Mob: +91 9061059010

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