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Streamline tasks & monitor through dashboards

Plan, distribute, monitor and execute tasks through REALSOFT. Highly secure and automated task management system allows you to get intelligent data insights

Integrate, automate & simplify operational activities

With AI powered architectures and business intelligence algorithms, REALSOFT lets you simplify your routine tasks and get maximum results instantly.

Quick analytics, instant statistics & real-time reports

Get insights of collaborative data and real-time reports on a mouse-click using the third-party integrations, external APIs, resourceful technologies, and smart database architecture

Plan & monitor work from anywhere, anytime, any device

As the cloud is the new possibility of business, REALSOFT ERP Software Dubai offers a vibrant and prompt solution to enable businesses to optimize productivity, plan and monitor work from anywhere on any device, and experience a blend of IT-enabled services.

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Revolutionize and digitalize the manufacturing process

Use REALSOFT to digitalize your entire manufacturing process and gain intelligent production insights and manufacturing efficiency using its revolutionary modules.

Design & scale your productivity to meet growing demands

REALSOFT’s manufacturing ERP module lets you design your production models with brilliant algorithms and boost your productivity to meet market demands.

Eliminate downtime and enhance visibility & performance

Eliminate the production downtime in the plant by automating and optimizing your manufacturing process with the help of improved agility and centralized reports.

Manufacturing ERP

REALSOFT is built uniquely for your business to rectify any production challenges you face with regards to the downtime, out-of-stock issues, reduced productivity, increased operational expenses, and uncertain return of investment.

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Centralized database and minute project handling tools

We designed and developed REALSOFT to fit your business model uniquely. The ERP complemented with the latest tools and measures, assure effective construction management.

Efficiently track and manage the full life-cycle of a project

Be in the same page of your customers and suppliers. Track and manage project reports, budgets, inventory, invoices, orders, pending jobs, specifications, and labor distribution through REALSOFT.

Real-time paperless document and workflow management

REALSOFT helps you streamline tasks and operations enabling you to manage your construction projects with instant paperless document and workflow management systems.

Construction ERP

An ERP is very crucial in the construction industry as it can automate many processes and operations requirements of the business. From customer and vendor management to labor management and inventory management, and ERP makes it easy for you.

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Leverage technology and manage real-estate easily

REALSOFT is a comprehensive solution for the Real-estate industry. With agile frameworks, Realsoft lets you automate the entire process, including presales and after service segments.

Engage more customers and generate more leads

An ERP lets you control real-time data and insights to the customers making it satisfy all their demands, track various types of properties, and instantly follow-up with the leads and inquiries.

Increase efficiency through better cost management

Control your expenditure and cost by increasing the efficiency of the real-estate business. Take control and manage your property development projects with optimum profitability and cost savings.

Real Estate ERP

Real-estate ERP predicts the market volatility and trends using its intelligent business insights. We have placed many accounting tools and other business resources integrated with the ERP module for the user to acquire relevant information instantly.  It is the principal advantage of real-estate ERP.

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Centralized stock monitoring and forecasting

REALSOFT’s trading ERP allows you to keep a centralized stock monitoring system where inventory, stock, demand, and all other relative information gets updated instantly.

Improved demand planning and visibility increasing

Real-time updates and sales pattern allow you preplan your future stock requirements smartly. REALSOFT helps you increase the business visibility through smart business insights.

Accurate reporting and intelligent analytics

Precise reporting and analytical reporting are what helps a business survive and excel in the competition. REALSOFT allows you to collect and analyze reports on a single click.

Trading ERP

It is a must for every trading company to analyze their operations every once in a while, to get a comprehensive understanding of the sales, stock, inventory, purchase, receivables, payables, and other crucial information.

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Digitalize businesses & enhance possibilities

Our ERP software solutions lets you digitalize your business into a faster, flexible, and a brilliantly collaborated working environment. It develops with you and is the one system for your company, creating possibilities for a better analysis, faster decision making, and improved business profitability.

ERP Software Dubai

Reduce efforts, eliminate vulnerabilities & improve operational excellence
With integrated reporting systems and statistics, REALSOFT ERP Software Dubai brings forward all the knowledge, mobility, agility, analysis, predictions, and business intelligence to make effective decisions and focus on more critical tasks

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Personalized for integrated business insights & visibility

Complied with all government norms

Automate your business processes and financials as REALSOFT is fully complied with VAT regulations

Integrate social media & smart gadgets

Get comprehensive reports on customer interactions with the solution by integrating social media and gadgets.

Manage vendors & customers quickly

Keep track of your business deals with the vendors and customer for a healthier business acquaintance

Powered by BPM and MVC frameworks

Enjoy business agility through automation and integration, and build a unique system using latest BPM & MVC technologies.
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AI-powered intelligent application server for real-time data processing

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    End-to-end and cross-functional modules

    REALSOFT is an intelligently crafted solution that delivers complete functional solutions under one roof. It lets the teamwork in collaboration with each other towards a common goal.

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    Manage user access controls and authorizations

    Authorizing users with the necessary tools at the right time increases focused productivity. Control permissions, access to third-party applications, and security using digital or electronic identities.

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    Multi-Language – work in your desired language

    REALSOFT ERP software solutions permits its customers to operate the solution in their desired language. It enhances mobility and facilitates the user to focus on what is relevant and required.

REALSOFT helps you define unique business strategy, efficiency & success

REALSOFT analyzes the historical data, and using predictive analysis reports offers you suggestions, forecasts, and seasonal data patterns. It also automates the sales and routine processes using its intelligent data processing algorithms, Coral Business Solutions in a top It solutions companies in Dubai & One of the leading ERP software companies in Dubai, UAE
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