Smart Linking is a tool to synchronize database between multiple locations of Coral applications. This tool will allow the users to work locally and to update the entries to the desired location after that. This is an effective way of connectivity between locations because users can attain more speed and accuracy. Moreover, all the locations will have the same feeling that they are working in the same office.ealsoft is a suite of business modules catering to the management and accounting requirements of all type and size of the business enterprise. With an easy to use and intuitive Windows-based interface, the module wise system architecture has been developed to work in an integrated as well as an independent environment.


An online method will update all the entries from the client location to the head office. This method mainly can be applied for the companies who are maintaining their inventory stock online. This connectivity requires full-time connectivity between locations. The speed of the connectivity should be decided by observing the volume of data.


This method can be applied for the companies who are updating their entries periodically. These companies will use smart linking to provide MIS to the head office. This method not required full-time connectivity. In this method, the entries will be updated whenever the connectivity available between branches. The speed of the linking will be depending on the connectivity provided between branches. Available DSL lines or Leased line can be selected for this connectivity. A normal dial-up connection also can be opted for this purpose if there is not that much data traffic.


  • A Centralized control will be possible over the Head Office to all branch locations.
  • Common Masters (Item List, Chart of Accounts, etc) can be maintained and in the company even they are working locally on their divisions.
  • Head Office can prepare branch wise management information system at Head Office since all entries are updating to the main server.
  • Common Masters (Item List, Chart of Accounts, etc) can be maintained and in the company even they are working locally on their divisions.
  • Common Security policy can be implemented on users of all branches without many difficulties.
  • Inter-branch transactions will be easy and accurate. This will reduce the large volume of work of the users and will provide information in maximum speed.


This agent is the application program which initiates the data transfer from all the locations by listening to the entries from branches. This agent application should be installed in all linking server machines and should start when the computer turned on for use.



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