Process Manufacturing

As the name denotes, process manufacturing is the processing and mixing of raw materials and ingredients to generate final products. These days, process manufacturers are using intelligence and skill to thrive in an advancing universe of customer trends and monetary needs.

But the ERP solution for process manufacturers has to trace elements. This means you must keep track of weights, masses, volumes, sizes, magnitudes, and expiry dates too. The completed products as well as packaging need to be handled by inventories. An ERP software will join all sides of a procedure like product planning, scheduling, development, marketing, and much more.

Realsoft ERP is a flexible software solution that lets process manufacturers boost the proficiency of supply chain and escalate clarity as well as durability of data. The software is a totally packaged solution intended to deliver multi-level product traceability from primary raw material purchases up to final delivery.

From gaining and quality control to recipe controlling and optimization, then to order scheduling; whole processes are essential modules of the process manufacturing. Realsoft ERP for process manufacturing contains all such activities faultlessly and has many more to give than a typical ERP system. You will experience the business software applications we deliver will be the precise mix to assist you to handle any challenges.

Manufacturing Highlights

  •  Dynamic production process modeling
  •  Management of byproducts, co-products and recycling materials
  •  Consolidating demand through Master Scheduling from various sources like sales order, production plan, new projects, etc.
  •  Centralized supply planning integrated with Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP)
  •  Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and RCCP to finalize the independent items requirements
  •  Process parameter management
  •  Reservation system provided for hard and soft allocation
  •  Forward and backward scheduling
  •  Process order rescheduling, reprocess order generation based on shop floor reporting and new order
  •  Action and exception messages in Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to optimize the material plan
  •  Back flushing of raw materials based on shop floor reporting
  •  Control point reporting for continuous production
  •  Labor & process parameter reporting
  •  Activity elements to capture overhead cost
  •  Multiple lot issues & receipts
  •  Maintenance of process parameters for routing

Key Process

  •  Tools requirement planning can be mapped to BOM
  •  Infinite and finite capacity
  •  SOP to balance demand & supply
  •  Resource planning to check whether resources are available to meet the SOP
  •  Master scheduling consolidates the demand from sales orders, production plan, replenishment order, service order for certain time period
  •  Rough cut capacity planning to identify critical resources
  •  MRP to explode the BOM, net quantity finalization, lead time calculation
  •  Detailed amount of labor and machine resources defined in CRP
  •  Production order can be generated without any planning (manual)
  •  Sub contracting can be carried out to resolve capacity constraints in-house
  •  ECR & ECO to keep track of engineering changes
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