Value Added Tax Is Taking Shape In Gcc Nations

GCC Countries including UAE was always tax free zone. Not anymore, five of the GCC nations already approved the Unified Agreement for Value Added Tax. VAT tax is expected to be in force 2018 onwards.What is Tax?Tax is a compulsory contribution to government, which is used to pay for public services. Tax which are collected from public are generally...
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Should you change your ERP Software

It is essential to have a right Business Management Software in place to manage a business efficiently. The system must give access to real-time business management data and should be a scalable one as your business expands. The system right now you are using may not be meeting those needs or may not be able to support the growth and innovation tha...
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Key Factors to figure out the ROI on ERP software

When you decide to invest in ERP Software, you have to make sure that the return on investment (ROI) is well worth it. Think twice before spending money especially in business. Based on our market study and expertise, we could identify 3 key factors to figure out the ROI on ERP Software investment​.Minimal IT Spending: Mainly two things comes under...
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Relevance of ERP for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) IN GCC

The small and medium sized enterprises are the key drivers of development, innovation, growth and diversification in the GCC region. The GCC region is backed by strong entrepreneur traditions and boasts of a large size of SME's nurtured by the business friendly environment for business startup and growth. GCC countries like UAE top ranks on the glo...
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First 5 Steps to Implement ERP Software

Set your Goal and Strategy: Every business needs to have a goal and strategy and this to be aligned in order to make the ERP implementation a successful one. To achieve the business goal a well-defined process should be there in place and it has to be supported by the strategy you have defined. A stable ERP will have the functionalities that allows...
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