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Commercial lease/property management software in UAE

Managing important dates, deadlines, assets, tasks, cleaning, repairs, support, and other obligations are a headache and a mess if not done properly especially when you have hundreds of properties for lease and rent. Realsoft ERP is an intuitive rent and asset management software that allows you to perform all critical tasks with ease. The software package is well suited as a property management ERP software or a commercial lease management software.

Third-party managers, investors, buyers, sellers, property managers, area managers, asset managers, and anyone related to property management is likely to benefit the most out of it. Realsoft is the best-selling rental property management software in the UAE.

With better business insights and controls over assets, properties, and facility management, Realsoft is an end-to-end product platform for improved efficiency and productivity. Managing rentals, tenancy, services, supports, property, contracts, PDC, marketing & sales, and budget controls can be done from your office or home with feature-rich Realsoft ERP. This is what complements the best commercial lease management software.

Highlight features and important modules

The ERP software is powered with intelligent third-party applications, business intelligence software, and most modern business technologies. Integration with these software technologies allows Realsoft to deliver brilliant outcomes and services to its users. Some of the most important features we have included in the package includes;

– Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It allows the user to effectively manage inquiries, follow-ups, rental evaluation, auto-reminders, integrated email services, and friendly interface and dashboard to manage customers.

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– Property Management

Property management software comprises of tools to manage a tenancy, properties, PDC payments, multi-lingual contract generation, cheque and payment handling, accounts integrations, and alerts and notifications.

– Facilities Management

The software eases your work-load with features like complaint registry, failure handling, malfunctions, setting priority, supplier contracts, invoice management, feasibility analysis, and administration.

– Inventory Management

Realsoft ERP can reduce the stress of the store/inventory manager by effortlessly handling the inventories. The package includes the creation of item master, create stores/warehouses, stock alert, track issues & pending cases, support various costing methods, and set different order levels.

– Lease Management

Major functions in the lease management module allow you to trace and manage leased property, unit, and services, handle PDC payments, contract finalization, and customer account maintenance.

– Document Management

The document handling module permits a user to handle documents effectively, and this includes provisions to scan & attach documents, approve documents, maintain document check-lists, verify documents, store & track documents, and manage the overall administration.

– Procurement Management

Procurement is a significant part of the property management process and Realsoft ensures all important functions in the module such as; maintaining a master list of suppliers, track purchase history & supplier history, compare quotations, generate procurement reports, and timely alerts, notifications, and approvals.

– Fixed Asset Management

Fixed asset management is chaotic and time-consuming. Realsoft ERP’s fixed asset management module consists of features like asset and property entries, depreciation calculations, asset sales & purchase, 3rd party ownership, transferring of assets between branches & locations, asset tracking, alerts, and approvals.

Realsoft strives to deliver excellent features so that our customers can save time and energy spent on many stressful tasks. The software delivers automated reports on end-to-end portfolios to create a smooth workflow and management of real estate services. Some of the highlight features include;

  • Customer / Tenant registration
  • Tenant data with attachments
  • Alert for expiries
  • Tenancy contract registration
  • Arabic contract printing
  • Government contract printing
  • Property definition
  • Unit definition with details and pictures
  • Rent history
  • Document attachment
  • Automated tenancy breaking
  • Add-on charges
  • Tax calculations
  • Rent realizations
  • Cheque printing
  • Cheque management
  • PDC management
  • Renewal letters
  • Tenancy Renewal
  • Alerts and schedules
  • Renewal mails
  • Contract management
  • Rent settlement
  • Unit-wise assets
  • Automated reports

With features not limited to the above, Realsoft ERP remains the best all-rounder as the property management ERP software Dubai and commercial lease management software in UAE. Visit to learn more about Realsoft ERP or email us on [email protected] to let our team contact you.

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