How is RealSoft an economical alternative to high-end ERPs?

Businesses use ERP systems to unify and integrate operational activities and inter-departmental components into a centralized data hub. It helps companies automate routine tasks and empowers faster, wiser, and timely decision-making.

An ERP software helps a business streamlines its operations, processes, and workflows effectively, thereby improving the complete system. As per the new trends, companies, irrespective of their sizes, are switching to ERP solutions or upgrading their existing system to get a clear and consolidated view of the business.  

What matters is how you would be able to compare and choose from several ERP vendors. A consumer is often bewildered by the numerous choices he has when opting to implement an ERP system.

  • Branded and costly high-end ERPs
  • Brilliant and top-performing cost-effective alternates like RealSoft
  • Cheaply-priced typical software

One should look into several parameters when evaluating an ERP as requirements, business types, and budget varies for each business. Functional features, value for money, technologies used, and usability must be among the primary concerns when handpicking an ERP. It is where RealSoft ERP software Dubai becomes a smart alternative for high-end ERPs.

Capital investments and Infrastructure Setup

A high-end ERP system has its predefined policies, requirements, and setup. It delivers excellent results for larger companies, while SMEs may not often find it cost-effective. They may need to rework their budget to implement a high-end ERP. They will also need to spend a decent amount of money for setting up the required infrastructure, data servers, hardware, hosting, etc. When implementing high-end ERPs, the consumer will also have to pay additionally for extended user accounts, cost centers, license renewals, upgrades, and customizations.

It is where RealSoft comes into the picture. RealSoft is more futuristic and cost-effective compared to high-end ERPs in Dubai. It offers both on-premise ERP and cloud-based solutions at a reasonable price with the same set of features and connectivity. 

Suitability, Affordability, and Running Investments

All high-end ERPs suit large organizations perfectly and offer improved controls. SMEs can also implement large ERP systems yet may not make hundred percentage use of the solution due to its complexity and size. Businesses cannot afford high-end ERPs easily due to various factors. The base price of a large ERP may seem manageable at first. A branded solution will incur extra expenses for customizations, user licenses, add-ons, integrations, and training supports. 

RealSoft is a cost-effective alternative to high-end ERPs and extends the same functional features, making it affordable and suitable for SMEs and large organizations alike. The latest version of RealSoft ERP software Dubai is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, anytime.  

Businesses need to spend more or less the same capital investments when implementing a high-end ERP. Due to its vast and intricate architecture and predefined functions, a company needs to hire professionals, set up the desired infrastructure, and reassign its core employees to the system.

Compared to its massiveness and the requirement of additional expenses, RealSoft is a cost-efficient counterpart to high-end ERPs. It is a dynamic, agile, and budget-friendly solution.

Scalability & Customization Cost

All these high-value ERPs work marvelously at huge Enterprises and multimillion-dollar businesses where they do not need many customization options or ground-level support. It is not the case with many SMEs. They often need a customized solution to meet their specific requirements and to work within their organizational concepts. RealSoft becomes a better choice for SMEs by offering fully customized solutions and modules that will grow as the business grows.

Customizing larger ERPs would incur additional costs. Cost-effective ERP software like RealSoft will comparatively charge much lesser, and the implementation will be quicker. SMEs may not always find it easy to manage the sophisticated features and modules of a high-end ERP due to its complexity and vastness. The employees need dedicated training and practice as these features work beyond the practicality and understanding of a regular SME. They will also need to hire already-trained professionals for a smoother ERP experience.

SMEs will consume only less time to familiarize themselves with RealSoft as it is a simple, cloud-based, and user-friendly software. 

Functional Features & storage limits

A business is prone to choose a branded high-end ERP solution considering its abundant features and functions. The fact is that modern-day ERP software like RealSoft facilitates the same functions and modules at a better cost and convenience.

RealSoft is a modern-day ERP and uses cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, BI Reporting, Automation, Cloud, APIs, BPM, WBS, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, RealSoft Architecture, and Algorithms along with innovative tools like Chatbots, Mobile Apps, and portals for suppliers, customers, tenants, and employees, and allows to integrate third-party applications and solutions.

ROI & Cost of Ownership

Every vendor has designed their ERP to provide organizations with Return on Investments (ROI) and enjoy the cost of ownerships. It happens only when an organization chooses the right ERP based on its requirements, capabilities, features, and budget.

Every ERP remains the same at its core. It varies in capabilities, functionalities, user-licenses, support, and pricing. SMEs will need more years to enjoy the ROI from a larger ERP due to its initial setup cost, and adding cost centers, salesman, and any other features will incur additional expense.

Purchasing more user licenses and renewing subscriptions will also be expensive compared to cost-effective ERP solutions. It may in the future result in the stoppage of services and loss, which is considered minimal in the case of RealSoft ERP.

RealSoft is tailor-made to suit the requirements of SMEs with guaranteed ROI returns. Therefore, businesses can start benefitting from the ERP at the earliest. It lets them improve their performance and capabilities by integrating third-party applications and APIs with the ERP. 

Migration Process & Complexity

There are several complexities and processes when migrating a large volume of data into an ERP solution. Many companies want to transfer their legacy data, opening stock & balance details, financial aging reports, ongoing project details, contact details, etc., into the new solution.

In most cases, high-end ERP vendors will request a company to provide data in their specific format that will require the company to shift their core employees from business activities to the process of creating and validating files for migration. Such organizational changes may bring delays in operations and affect regular activities.

Economical alternatives to high-end ERPs would get the migration done at the earliest and save a business from data transfer corruptions, field mismatches, sourcing errors, system-level or role-based access problems, and cluttered data. RealSoft team will spend time with the team for aligning and reformatting the required data to make the data migration process efficient.

Moreover, an economical ERP alternative will consider taking up another project beneficial by completing the current project at the earliest.

Implementation Time

High-end ERPs work on their priorities based on project-values. The implementation of a larger ERP will be time-consuming compared to RealSoft due to its complex infrastructure setup. The ERP will take more time to become stable and running smoothly. An SME will take more time to familiarize with a large ERP and its functions, affecting the performance and stability. 

RealSoft offers both cloud-based and on-premise ERP solutions. As the solution is easily deployed and quickly implemented, organizations can start using it in a couple of months. It is a very user-friendly solution that allows users to regain momentum by eliminating risks and lowering downtime.

Maintenance & Support Cost

Timely maintenance or emergency support are two factors that distinguish RealSoft and highly-priced ERPs. High-end ERP solutions will have a larger number of employees and partner agencies. They will offer systematic support mechanisms. Still, SMEs may often stumble upon unforeseen issues and need to wait in queues at the Partner agency’s availability and their business hours.

RealSoft is a top-performing organization where you enjoy instant support over the phone, email, or using the internal ticketing system. It has people working passionately out-of-the-box to offer 24 X 7 seamless support to customers.

A high-value ERP system is a perfect choice for a large organization as it can hire professionals or pay for training staff. SMEs will need unconditional effort and support from the employees and management.

In addition to it, high-end ERPs release updates at fixed and regular intervals. It may incur costs to SMEs as its employees may not be familiar with such changes. Training and spending time to learn things will incur additional expense, creating operational dilemmas.

In most cases, larger ERP vendors safeguard the back-end data at a secure server, and often organizations will not have direct database access. High-end ERP also takes more time for offering support when encountered with server issues or system failures.

RealSoft is an economical ERP alternative to SAP. It is accessible and turns out to be a value for money solution. It will also offer instant real-time support to safeguard its reliability and customer satisfaction. It leverages the advancement of technology while keeping it simplified, cost-effective, and practical for users. 

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