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Well, we all know the importance of inventory management and the effects which occurs without efficiently managing your inventory. Also, the role played by the software in the inventory management is now unavoidable.
Inventory Management is a primitive feature of an ERP software.

Inventory Software is a software system which incorporates the tracking of inventory details which includes sales, orders, deliveries, its accounts and so on. It is a primary need in every company whether the company specializes in production or trading. Every company used inventory management software mainly for keeping an up to date track of their inventory status which can be very useful to avoid overstocking of some products or it will help to avoid the situation of product outages.

History of Inventory Management

In 1973 Aprill, Grocery Industry adopted the use of standard barcode system. Again in 1974 barcode system has started to use for retailing also. Use of standard bar code system helps to decrease the cost of inventory management. Though everything was generalized only 1 barcode reader was required for a company.

In early 1980’s Personal computers started to become popular. In that time again the cost of management drop. this was the after effect of the popularity of personal computers and the cost drop of barcode readers and all. Again because of this popularity of personal computers it leads to the development of the first inventory management software. Hense the inventory management software slowly become popular among the grocery stores. At that point inventory management by hand become less practical. Everyone goes for the best. right?

In early 2000s Inventory management software becomes more capable of the things which they do. which means businessmen don’t need to input data by hand but could instantly update their databases with barcode readers.

Now the world has step forward to a new era, now everything is cloud-based, everything is interconnected, we can access anything from anywhere in the world. we can check stocks, sales, pending sales or anything from our home or from anywhere from any devices. That’s the age where we are now on.

Advantages of ERP inventory management software

Reduce Cost

Considering a company, it’s inventory represents most of its investments. but using Inventory Management Software, the company can identify the unnecessary expenses by minimizing the number of unnecessary products or materials in the storage.

Increase Efficiency

RealSoft Inventory Management Software allows automating many inventory related tasks, by means of this any company can save a lot of time an thus it increases the company’s efficiency.

Up to date Information

By using inventory management software every piece of information will be up to date and it will be moreover reliable.This automatically leads businessmen to make informed decisions.


Data Security is one of the most important features of RealSoft Inventory Management Software. Company Manager can grand or revoke each user permissions. Hence manager will have complete control over the system and nothing goes sideways.

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