Social Media is a very influential factor among the present generation, and they manage to spend a few hours on different social media platforms at any cost regardless of their job, studies, work, and business. It is also one of the largest medium for effective communication across millions of people. Though it may not be a direct way of speaking or writing, a simple post, an image, a public review, or a meme helps communicate ideas to masses.

When it comes to integrating social media onto ERP solutions, the basic idea we speak about is to deliver a unique point of interaction in the company for the people to convey and communicate casual or core messages to employees as well as consumers. Such integration of social media to ERP solutions would boost improved internal communication, data mining, increased productivity, and better customer experience.

Integration of Social Media to ERP Solutions – a collaborative approach

Integrating social media in to ERP will benefit mostly to the sales engineers and marketing people as they get closer to the customers or consumers. Social Media, Mobile devices, Cloud technology, and analytics are some of the standard tools and means people knowingly or unknowingly make use of in their daily life.

A good sales team can use data mining to know about customer’s chain of actions, interests, and patterns. They can also gather potential leads to generate sales and improve the overall statistics of the business, as it provides real-time or nearly real-time data and analytics.

Integrating social media into ERP helps in revolutionizing the communication channels as ERP itself is an innovative technology and is making use of lots of algorithms and analytics to give business intelligence. The workers would be more interactive and assertive in social media threads, and they will collaborate with customers and critics in public forums. ERP will then turn out to be a centralized platform of correspondence between employees, customers, partners, stakeholders, and vendors.

Advantages of integrating social media into ERP

Some of the core advantages of integrating social media into ERP are as follows;

Post and feed automation- Automating feeds into social media would be easier and more result oriented. It will help with automated and optimized management of negative reviews and feedbacks. The intelligent algorithms can collect vital data pertaining to each negative reviews, issues, and concerns. Significant information about the users and their feedbacks can be collected, compiled, and acted upon immediately by the business.

Centralized data management and instant response – With social media integration into the ERP, you get to know the details at a central database and instant response to the comments or queries can be automated using bots or similar features. This helps in keeping the customer engaged as and when he needed.

Return on Investment analysis – Social media integration with ERP is a great tool as you can share the history and details of the prospect projects or a bigger clients to the public and utilize the features of the social media to reach out to prospective customers and showcase the business’s achievements. The automated group messaging systems would allow you to notify your customers and prospects about a product you are launching, a special offer you have introduced, or a callback of some products and services. The repeated processes would keep you in touch with the customers.

Moreover, businesses have learned comprehensive ways to gather all their potential customer responses with their respective services and products and adopted methodologies to improve it or maintain it easily. Chatbots, conversation feeds, and activity feeds are all part of the integration which would definitely benefit the businesses in a positive way.

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