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The below terminology applies to the terms & conditions stated on the Website. ‘You’ or ‘Yours’ refers to the person visiting the Website. ‘The company’, ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’, refers to the company ‘Coral Business Solutions’.  

The above words or forms of words in any form (singular, plural, capitalization…) are interchangeable and the same.  

Coral Business Solutions has the right to modify or update the Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. The Website gives you access to many resources that include downloads, videos, images, brochures, and forums. These are exclusively meant for information purposes only, and any manipulation of data (copy, modification, distribution, display, publishing, selling, reproducing, and transferring) will be handled legally under the law of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  


‘Cookie’ is a small file used to retrieve the user’s details on each visit. We use cookies in www.coralme.com to collect data to enable or disable certain functionalities and features for you. We use cookies to improve the user experience for you and may use some or all types of cookies.  

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Coral Business Solutions is the owner of any of the intellectual properties found on the Website unless otherwise statedAll intellectual property rights are reserved. Contact Coral Business Solutions if you wish to obtain the right to use any of the digital materials belonging to us.  

You must not: 

  • Reproduce or publish content that belongs to Coral Business Solutions. 
  • Put to sell or rent any of the material that belongs to Coral Business Solutions.  
  • Copy or replicate any of the material that belongs to Coral Business Solutions 
  • Distribute or spread the content that belongs to Coral Business Solutions 

Pages of this Website may offer the visitors chances to post and share information. We do not sort, edit, share, or evaluate comments before you post the content. Comments by third-parties do not reveal the view of Coral Business Solutions. A comment is the view of the person who posts it, and Coral Business Solutions shall not be liable for any damages or expenses caused as a result of the appearance of the comment on our Website 

Coral Business Solutions has every right to monitor the comments and posts made by any user on our Website, and if found inappropriate, we have the right to remove it.  

Posting offensive, vulgar, or abusive content on our Website will cause for the breach of these Terms & Conditions.  

You warrant and represent that: 

  • You are authorized to publish Comments on our Website 
  • You have the required license to publish comments 
  • The comments do not manipulate Property Rights or Copyrights  
  • The comments do not defame any Patents, Trademarks, or Third-parties 
  • The comments do not invade the Privacy policies  
  • The comments do not offend or insult anyone  
  • The comments do not directly or indirectly promote any business activities 
  • The comments do not showcase immoral activities or illegal activity. 

By accepting our terms and conditions, you issue a non-exclusive authorization for Coral Business Solutions to use (edit, share, publish, authorize others to use) your comments in any form we choose.  

Hyperlinking to our Content 

Coral Business Solutions is an independent company. Yet, the following organizations may choose to link to our Website without prior approval: 

  • Agencies representing Government entities / Legal entities  
  • Internet Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) 
  • Agencies representing digital / print Media & News 
  • Online business directories  
  • Nationwide accredited businesses 

These organizations are granted access and permission to link to the homepage of our website. They may link to any of our publications, any pages, or information on the Website as long as, to any of our publications, or any other pages and information on the website as long as;  

  1. The link is not in any way deceptive 
  1. The link does not misleadingly infer sponsorship or certification.  
  1. The link that fits within the context of the linking party’s site 

The following types of organizations may post links on our Website, and we may consider and approve the requests if;  

  • It is a well-known consumer or business center 
  • It belongs to a dot.com site 
  • Charity or Non-profit organizations.  
  • Business directories or Online networks 
  • Internet Portals 
  • Firms that represent Accounting, Auditing, Law 
  • Institutions representing Education, Trade, Business 

Coral Business Solutions may review and approve of the link requests from organizations if,  

  1. The link does not defame us or our reputed business 
  1. The organization is not blacklisted 
  1. The hyperlink benefits us 
  1. The link provides general information  

We encourage organizations to link to our home page as long the link:  

  1. Does not deceive the purpose 
  1. Do not credit false sponsorships or certifications 
  1. Does not showcase any untrue approvals of any business or institutions  
  1. Does not misrepresent any product or service 
  1. Is in tandem with the linking party’s products or services 

If you wish to link to our Website and you are one of such organizations listed in the paragraph above, you must inform us by sending an official email. The official e-mail should consist of the following; 

  • Your Name 
  • Your Company Name 
  • URL of your Site 
  • List of customer URLs  
  • List of URLs on our Website  

Your requests will be handled immediately and in some cases, you need to wait for a period of 2-3 weeks for a response.   

We allow any of the approved organizations to hyperlink to our Website: 

  • Using our Business name and corporate identity 
  • Using URL linking 
  • Using our Website descriptions (Should be in view with our Website context and format) 

Coral Business Solutions does not authorize anyone to use its logo or artworks in any form while linking without an agreement for trademark license.  


Coral Business Solutions do not allow anyone to create frames around our webpages without prior approval and written permissionWe do not permit anyone to create frames on our Webpages without authorization to do so. It shall not change the overall visual presentation or look of the Website. 

Content Liability 

The content and information shared under www.coralme.com are only for giving you general information regarding our products and services. We try and take stringent measures to provide accurate and precise content to our users.  

We accept no responsibility and liability for contents when you are browsing through our Website or downloading materials from it.  

The content on the Website may be changed, modified, or updated without notification as we expand or change our products and services. The intellectual rights and copyright information for the information published on the Website, unless otherwise mentioned, belong to Coral Business Solutions.  

Coral Business Solutions do not allow anyone to post the below type of content on our Website at any time.  

  • Links or contents that are defamatory, obscene, or criminal  
  • Links or content that is pornographic or that encourages terrorism 
  • Links or contents that infringes, violates, or advocates infringement  
  • Links or contents that violate the terms and conditions of Coral Business Solutions 
  • Links or contents that violate the third-party policies and right 

Your Privacy 

Coral Business Solutions do not sell your personal information to anyone for financial gains. We use your data collected through cookies to customize our Website contents to you and to reach to you if in case you have shown interest in our products and services. 

To know more, read our Privacy Policy 

Reservation of Rights 

Coral Business Solutions has every right to request any parties to remove all of the links or any links in particular that lead to our WebsiteYou are obliged to approve of requests from us any time and remove all such links to our Websites. Coral has the right to amend or change the terms and conditions totally at any time without notice. You agree to bound yourself by the terms and conditions of Coral Business Solutions and follow the same by linking to our Website.  

Removal of links from our Website 

You may feel free to contact us at any time if you find any link on our Website that is offensive for any reason. We will consider your request to remove such links after thorough examination, but we are not obligated to or so or to respond to you directly. 

We do not ensure that the Website remains available or that the products and services on the Website are up to date. We try to keep the right information, but you may find errors or inactive links.   


Coral Business Solutions is not responsible for any sort of liabilities on the use of our Website, its representations, warranties, or conditions. It is protected to the maximum extent by the applicable laws.  

We shall not be liable; 

  • For death or personal injury by use of the Website or our services; 
  • For fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by you or third-parties; 
  • For any non-permissible matters (under applicable law); or 
  • For any activities or any matters that are not excluded (under applicable law). 

Coral Business Solutions has set prohibitions and limitations of liabilities in this Terms & Conditions. They are subject to;  

(a) Paragraph detailed above;   

(b) Liabilities because of breaching contracts  

Coral Business Solutions has provided information on this Website for free. Therefore, we hold ourselves responsible for no liabilities or damages that occur due to the usage of the Website.  


You may contact Coral Business Solutions on its official address if in case you have a dispute with us regarding any of our services, products or if you wish to issue us a notice of indemnification. 

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